Saturday, June 19, 2010

Miller Family Reunion

Time for another Miller Family Gathering.  This time, we met at my John and Miriam's farm.  There are SO many fun things to do here.  The girls agree...

Adeline LOVES to jump.  Never one to be left out of...well... ANYTHING, Camille jumped with her daddy.

And what is so scary, you ask?

I know, seriously.....

Don't worry, Camille will tame the ferocious beast.

My cousin, Keith, made some REAL chicken BBQ

This can only be good...

...and it WAS!!!  Homemade strawberry ice cream.  YUM!

Despite her fear of dogs (and even puppies), Adeline does not fear horses.  Any guesses why?

What farm is complete without some adorable baby heifers?  

Seriously, those big black eyes make her look like a baby fawn.  


Mari said...

What a fun time! You got some great pictures - that puppy is so cute!

Mrs. Fix said...

Rock feels exactly the same way about animals -- Large horse that can crush him? Okay. Cute puppy that can hardly lick him? TERRIFYING!

No wonder he loves her so much -- they understand each other!

Anonymous said...

Did you take home the puppy, Mommy? Just kidding.


Terra said...

That has got to be the prettiest baby calf I've ever seen!!! It almost looks Disney like because of it's eyes.