Saturday, June 5, 2010

Can you guess where we are?

It was a chilly morning, and we, the spectators, were bundled up as we sat by the road.

We are watching my dad in his THIRD time participating in the Got the Nerve Sprint Triathlon.  They changed the course this year, so we were not able to get any pictures of him on his bike (although we did pass him in our van while honking and cheering).

Almost there, dad, keep running!!!

Woo Hoo!!!  I love this shot (thanks Patrick).  How did he do?  Well, he's in a new age bracket this year (since he turned 60).  He placed THIRD in his age group!  AMAZING!  The funny thing is, if he was still in the younger age group, he would have placed second, and only been about a minute behind the winner.  He was almost 12 minutes behind the guys in his age group, so he's got a lot to work on for next year.  ;o)  He was just thrilled to place and beat his times from previous years.

Way to go, dad!  We are SO proud of you!!!  Adeline is still talking about going to "paw paw's race."


Mari said...

Hooray for your Dad - that's impressive!

krista said...

That's awesome!!!
Way to go Glenn!

jj said...

This is just truly amazing!! We are proud of him too!