Thursday, June 3, 2010

Madison's Birthday Party aka the post where I talk about Adeline's hair...

Last Sunday we attended my niece, Madison's, birthday party.  We'll get to the party in a minute, but I just have to say that I LOVED the way Adeline's hair looked that day.  I twisted the sides back, and then put a daisy barrette (which matched the daisies on her dress) where they met in the back.  We endured the crazy/ frizzy stage, and now I think her hair is just so pretty.  People ask me a lot if her curls are "real." Yes.  thankyouverymuch. 

...and now, here's Madison!!!

There was a moonbounce and some fun bubbles there.

Camille spent some time bonding with Grandma.

...and just being cute.

Happy 3rd Birthday Maddie!  We love you!


Momma Roar said...

Ok, her hair is just awesome! I think it is pretty no matter what! It is better than stick-straight hair!

We have a niece named Madison too! :)

Nancy said...

Don't know if you remember Amelie's hair before we cut it, but it was quite similar. A warning: if you cut off the curls, they may just disappear=(.

Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Madison!
I love Adeline's hair. How I wish I had just a bit of her curls.