Friday, June 10, 2011

It's sum-mah, sum-mah, sum-mah, ti-ime!

I'm SOOO behind on blogging.  We are fully enjoying our summer, and blogging has taken a back seat.  I'm okay with that.

Here are a few pix from a picnic in PA at the Gochenaur's farm.  Do I have any pictures of the Gochenaurs or Hollingers who were also picnicking with us...NOPE!  Sorry gang!  Well, I did at least get one of the back of Aubrey in her adorable swimsuit.  Keep reading....

This is the screensaver on our iMac right now.  Just makes me smile.

I love that my kids get to play in OTHER PEOPLE'S sandboxes.

Aubrey, you are just too sweet.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Camille is now sleeping in a "big girl bed."  It's adorable.  I'll have to post pictures.  Anyway, tonight she is standing at the top of the steps screaming for daddy after we have already put her down for the night.  I lead her back to her room and am just about to explain AGAIN to her our rule about not getting out of bed, discipline her, and close her door, when she says the one thing that exonerates her from all punishment...

I pooped.