Saturday, February 18, 2012


Updates from lovely Lancaster are on their way.  Here is day 2 of our October trip to Sedona-Grand Canyon-Las Vegas.  I posted day 1 way back on November 4. -- Patrick

Driving north from Phoenix, you literally drive around a bend and suddenly the rocks are red and the formations are huge.  This was one of the first we saw, Bell Rock.  See the bell shape?

Lizard Head.  Can you make out the lizard's head?

We did a jeep tour of Sedona -- a great way to see the sights.  Wizard (yes, Wizard) was our driver.  He's actually as tall as me, but looks may be deceiving in this picture because he's standing MUCH closer to the camera.  

The rocks seem to glow red at sunset.

Sunset in Sedona.

Now there's something we never see back east -- the Milky Way.

Breakfast at our B&B the next morning.

A mountain pass, on our way out of Sedona.

Sunrise in Sedona.

Up next...the Grand Canyon!