Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cookies for Africa

I'm putting in a plug today for a wonderful ministry.  Do you see how adorable this cookie is?!?  It was served at a baby shower I recently attended.  It is as delicious as it is cute, and it took me a week to decide that it was okay to eat something that adorable.  They were made by Becky, who started this ministry to support Child Alive, fighting malaria and meningitis in Africa.  You can read more about the mission, her family's desire to adopt, and see more of her beautiful creations here at  These cookies aren't cheap, but most of your purchase/donation is tax deductible.  She is incredibly talented.

As an added bonus, when I clicked on her site this morning, she is currently doing a giveaway!!!  Check it out (and tell her you found out about her from here).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Violet turns 4

I feel just a little bit bad about posting this because:
1.  Nancy just got her post up and well, I could just direct you there.
2.  We also just attended Amelie's birthday party (Violet's older sister)...where I forgot my camera and have no photographic evidence of said party.
Anyway, on to the post...

Violet's birthday is on Groundhog Day.  Thus the theme.  Seriously, could these cupcakes be any cuter?

We love you sweet girl!!!

My friend, Missy, made this awesome birthday banner.  You can check out her etsy store and purchase one here.

Adeline and Rock enjoying a story from "Grandma".....Violet's grandma that is...

Thanks for inviting us to celebrate your special day!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nolt Family Gathering

I'm still catching up on a few posts.  My dad's side of the family gathered at my grandmother's house on New Year's Day for our holiday dinner.  Once again, we sat all of the great-grandchildren on the steps with my grandmother....and once again, we had an uphill battle to try to get 13 children look at the camera without screaming at the same time.  Nearly impossible.  This is the best one I got...

Another tradition is to pack health kits to send to Africa.  Grandma sews the bags, and we provide the stuff that goes inside.  It really is a nice alternative to giving gifts (that really aren't needed) to each other. 

Adeline and Emma had a jolly old time together...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bath Time

It is so fun to have TWO girls in the bath now...
Camille LOVES bath time.  She splashes like crazy and doesn't even mind having water poured on her head (which is good because her sister loves to do just that).

This just makes me happy.  Is that not the cutest po po you have ever seen?!?  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shoveling tip for Snownami 2010

This snow is impressive.  Three feet over the weekend.  And then.....let's just add another foot today for good measure.  Seriously!  I'm not complaining.  Really, I'm not.  I've had my husband home all week, and we've tackled some projects that have been on my list for MONTHS!  

 The snowman in the previous post was done about a month ago.  This slightly less impressive one was done by Adeline and me last Wednesday when we had a perfect few inches that was slowly melting in the 40 degree weather...making it perfect snowman snow.  Note that I had a screaming 9 month old bundled up in her stroller that was none too happy about being outside.  Is Adeline out enjoying the snow now?  no.  A girl who is 3 1/2 feet tall does not enjoy playing in three feet of snow.  Breathing is ya know, important.  We did attempt sledding with our alwaysupforanadventure friends, the Saladas.  Patrick prepped the sledding hill.  Adeline went down once (after daddy carried her from the door to the top of the hill).  She smiled the whole time.  The next time down, she got snow in her face and she was "all done snow."

I know, Patrick looks impressive with this "man tool" to clear the snow, but bless his heart, he did most of it the old fashioned way.  This snow blower is our neighbors, and the tire was flat (a problem before we borrowed it) after a few laps.  Honey, you rock!

Anyway, on to the tip...
My father (who has logged many hours plowing this marvel of global warming) called with this tip.  Don't shovel the end of your driveway until you absolutely have to.  When the plows come along, if you've created an opening, all the snow they're pushing from the street will pile into your cleared driveway.  If you leave a ridge, most of the snow will continue past.  Brilliant.  Happy shoveling!

Building Frosty

Finally we had "packing snow"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bloggy Friends

Those of you who don't blog, may think making friends in this cyber world is strange and/or crazy.  It's not.  Leigh Ann and I went to the same high school (as did her husband), but we didn't know much about each other until we reconnected in bloggyland.  LA sent me an email a few months back inviting me and my family to dinner the next time we were in the area (my parents live there).  The first few dates didn't work, and then, I sent a last minute email, LA graciously accepted, and we had a wonderful evening together.  Dinner was fabulous, LA's house is beautiful, and I love that I now I can REALLY picture where she lives and blogs.  Our husbands clicked, our kids had a blast, and we left just before total meltdown.  Thanks, the the whole "Momma Roar family" for a wonderful evening.  I think you should plan a homeschooling fieldtrip to DC.....

A few weeks later, I entered another blogging right of passage when Jessica came for lunch.  She is a blogging friend who I had NEVER met in real life.  She was in town visiting a friend, and she made a point of coming to meet me and my family.  She called in route, and it was strange to realize I never heard her voice.  It is a crazy experience to know so much about someone that you have never met!  Well, we were like old friends.  She is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog.  Thanks, Jess.  I am honored that you took time to come and see me.  I hope you'll come again.

Wordless Wednesday---Winter Wonderland