Sunday, October 24, 2010

Through the years...




Queen Anne Farm

A visit to Queen Anne Farm has become something of a tradition for us.  This year, I invited all the ladies (and kids) from our church for a Monday outing.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL, but unfortunately, there were kids EVERYWHERE it was "field trip day."  We made the most of it and still had a great time.

Nancy (aka Mrs Salada) showing the kids where sunflower seeds come from...

Peeking out from the giant pumpkin house...

Zeke and Zac                                                                                           Violet

Carla (sorry, not the most flattering picture), Nancy, and Jonie

Our picnic that was on blankets instead of the four picnic tables that were mobbed!

I forgot to bring a spoon, so Carla had the brilliant idea of using celery to scoop my yogurt....and yes, I fed Camille this way too.

We got to go on a hayride!!!  Adeline is prepared...just in case it's noisy.

The McGoverns

The Saladas

Every year, I've gotten a picture of Adeline smelling a sweet.

Camille was more interested in touching them, but I did convince her to take a whiff.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Patuxant Fall Festival

My parents joined us for the weekend at what may have been the BEST fall festival I've ever attended.  $8 a kid (for kids over 2) was SO worth it!!!

The "choo choo!!!"

Free pumpkins for all the kids...

 Pony rides...

Camille's first ride!  She's always been the brave one...

Paw paw took Adeline through the straw maze.

How seriously cute and fun are these?!?

My parents were such good sports...

They had wonderful, talented face painters (unlike those from last week...but that story would ruin the fall happiness that I've been posting).
 a princess for my princess...

...and a pumpkin for my pumpkin

 Painting the free pumpkins they picked...

Apple cider and popcorn for everyone!

...and "boons!!!"