Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm a winner!

I've been blessed to win two FABULOUS prizes in the past few months, and I've just got to tell you about them.  Kara and I became blogging friends a long time ago, and she recently launched a new recipe blog.  She did a generous giveaway, and I WON!!!  Carol's Cookies are award winning (4th place in People magazine and featured on the Food Network) and just plain AMAZING!!!  They are huge!....weighing almost half a pound each.  Patrick informed me that the chocolate chip one is 1100 calories!!!  Let me tell you, every one of those calories is 100% worth every bite.  They have a strange texture, both crumbly and yet super moist.  Pure decadence.  Thanks Kara!  What a treat!

My other win, was this ADORABLE pillowcase dress for Adeline.  Thanks to Tara of Stella Sola Boutique for her generous giveaway!  Of course, I won this forever ago (so sorry Tara!), but as soon as Adeline knew I wanted her picture in it, she REFUSED to wear it.  I mean, wailing and gnashing of way I was going to get a decent picture.  One day, I decided to have a talk with her, and she promised me she would let me take her picture in it the next day.  She did.  Thank you sweet girl.  You look beautiful!  Check out Tara's store....she has some precious Christmas stuff posted right now.


Mari said...

What wonderful things to win! That dress is adorable and the cookies have me drooling. :)

Kara said...

Lynn - I am so glad that you and your family enjoyed the cookies. How interesting about their texture. As I said, I have always been so curious to see how they tasted. You deserve the treat. Hopefully baby #3 didn't mind all the extra chocolate and calories. :-) Congrats! And thanks for the shout out!!

Christopher Apperson said...

I love the pillowcase dress! What a clever idea! -Rosie

Denise said...

what fun!!

the dress is adorable.

but i bet the cookies aren't as good as kristens :-)