Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Works for me Wednesday

Coffee filters.......AMAZING devices.  I read an article on this a long time ago in Simple & Delicious magazine.  I don't subscribe to this, so I don't really know where I got the magazine, but my mom recently reminded me of some of their uses.  

*They are great, individual, disposable bowls for snacks (popcorn, dry cereal, grapes, pretzels, etc).  Kids can grab the sides of them easier than paper towels to carry snacks to a desired (and allowed) location.
*Before handing ice cream bars or popsicles to kids, slide each wooden stick through a coffee filter to help prevent drips on little fingers (the messy face is a whole new problem).
*Place them over a bowl or plate to prevent splatters in the microwave.
*Use them as disposable plates for sandwiches or veggies for trips in the car.
*Oh, and you can also use them to brew coffee.  ;o)

   They are cheap and come in large quantities....a dollar for several hundred at the dollar store.  Plus, they don't tear easily when wet (for snacks like grapes or fresh veggies) like paper towels do.  I now keep a stack of them on my counter.  Coffee filters work for me! 

Go here for more WFMW tips...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camille's First Birthday Party!!!

We decided to have a big bash for Camille's first birthday....and what better place than the park?!?  We invited new friends, old friends, church friends, and family.  It was "our world's colliding."  We had a blast!

Here is the guest of honor/princess/big girl/will always be my BABY girl.

I've been wanting to find just the right occasion to support Cookies for Africa, and this was it!  I made a beehive cake, and Becky (who is as sweet as she is talented) made bee and flower cookies as favors for everyone.

I made Camille her own mini beehive cake.

She was thankful...

Patrick with his sister, Brooke

Uncle Bobby (Pat's brother)

Miss Tammy


Heidi (a special shout out to the Hollinger's for traveling all the way from Pa just to help us celebrate!)

My dad did the grilling.

Camille Turns ONE...practice party

My BABY is ONE!!!  I haven't posted much about this yet.....I've been busy.  Her birthday was May 9 (Mother's Day).  We had her party the following Saturday (the 15th) because...well...she doesn't know the difference, and it worked better for everyone's schedules.  Our good friends, the Salada's, couldn't make it to her party, so they had us over to celebrate on Monday.  She got to eat cake TWICE!

"Really, mom....I can eat this?!?"


"Maybe I should share some with daddy"

Thanks Salada's!  We missed you on Saturday, but we sure had a blast on Monday.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Politics

I don't know if you've seen this yet.  I found it on my friend, Vivian's blog.  I can't get it out of my head. Regardless of whether you fall in the liberal or conservative camp, you gotta admit, this is sad.

Capsize?  Really?!?!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Finest---Mother's Day Edition

Sometimes you just have to know when to throw in the towel.....

***Someone asked me where the girl's Easter dresses and these dresses are from.  They are all from Gymboree (including the dresses and my skirt on this post), and we have grandma and gymbucks to thank for them***