Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday Finest---Easter edition

Of course, I tried to get "the perfect" shot before leaving for church
(thanks mom, aka grandma, for the dresses...)

The Buchanan's graciously invited us over for lunch after church....

Mrs Buchanan (Carla) even made these pretty spring colored cupcakes just for Adeline.

...AND she planned an egg hung just for her.

"Miss Tammy" was there too.  She loves my girls.  The feeling is mutual.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, reflecting on Christ's sacrifice.

4 comments: said...

They look stunning! You got some great shots! They look so cute!! I love how bright and cheery their dresses are!

Mari said...

They look so cute and Springy! What sweet people the Buchanan's must be!

Alana said...

OH. MY. WORD.!!!!! Those dresses are THE most adorable things I have ever seen!!!

Denise said...

i love the darling yellow sweaters. what happy girls you have.