Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Advice anyone?

I just got a notice that my "promotional rate" is finished for my phone/internet plan with Verizon.  I thought, surely if I call, I will be able to get the same rate.  No.  Anyhow, I think the amount Patrick and I pay for a basic phone plan and internet service (around $90) is ridiculous!  We don't have cable, so we do the bundle package for phone and internet with Verizon.  I know I could find a cheaper phone plan (ie Vontage), so I asked how much it would be to just get internet from them.  The difference was an astounding $2.  Yes, TWO DOLLARS!  Even the sales lady was surprised.  SO, now I find myself wondering if there is a cheaper option for fast internet.  As much as we LOVE our iPhones, we are also debating if this is an extravagance we should eliminate.  What do you use for your phone, cell phones, and internet providers?  Any advice?


Jenni S. said...

Hey Lynn! I've totally been lurking lately since I haven't had a ton of time to blog, BUT, I had to comment. We had the same problem with Comcast a few months ago with our cable/internet rates. So, I researched, found a less expensive offer from a competitor and called Comcast to cancel. The guy offered me a better plan than the promotional plan I had before and better than the competitor. I asked him why the original rep didn't offer me the same thing and he said that a lot of times the normal reps don't have the ability to offer lower rates but the cancellation reps have more authority to offer lower rates to keep the business. I don't know if it will work for you, but it might be worth a shot.

Anonymous said...

Give up I-phone. Bundle everything under Verizon. Use your excellent personal skills to get a great rate. Than we can talk for free (cause I have verizon). Selfish comment. Yes, I know.


LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

We were all set to get rid of verizon phone and just keep the internet.. even had bought the necessary equipment and tested it to do VOIP (not vonage, but same technology except we could change users with more ease) but when my husband went to cancel verizon they kept offering lower rate... he kept saying no we wanted to cancel, till it got to the point where they told us the cost once we dropped the phone and just had internet, and we realized we couldn't beat it. They offered us $20 off a month for one year to stay with them.

perhaps call and say you want to cancel, don't ask for the discount, just cancel and see what they offer.

Eddy said...

Lynn, saw your post and wanted to give my two cents:

The best way to save money on Internet, phone and TV packages is to find a good bundle. Although some providers don’t actually offer any savings when you bundle up, there are many that do.

You can also use my company, WhiteFence, to see what other deals you can find in your area. We’ve got a comparison engine that lets you see what the prices are like where you live so you can find the best deal.

More info in a blog post here- http://blog.whitefence.com/2010/03/do-bundled-services-really-save-money.html

-Eddy Rivas, WhiteFence

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hey girl we just went through this - I think I blogged about it some? Can't remember.

We finally decided that TV just wasn't worth the time or money we invest. We got a converter box given to us for free adn get basic channels. (no TLC, no History, no Lifetime...sad...but we are so over it after a month) SO, that took that off the plate - no need for bundles.

We had been with Vonage for 6 years and quite happy with the 24.99 a month. LOVE VOIP! (in general) We took a chance with them when they were new and it paid off :)

NOW, we are taking a chance with another VOIP company...Phone Power. We are quite happy after a month with them. We paid $199 for 2 years of phone service. ROCK ON!

Comcast offers a "slow" internet for $40ish a month. It is slower, but we have adjusted to it. If we are both downloading, it can affect the phone.

But, our comcast bill is like $42 now and the phone is $8 a month. No TV. LOVING the savings :)

We debated the iPhone - only I have it. I was going to drop the data plan, but you can't. After much prayer, we kept it. We still pay less than $100 month for BOTH phones, including my iPhone because we have had AT&T for so long. (We'll be dropping Eric's phone and getting a pay as you go for him when our contract is up)

All about spending wisely :) Good luck!