Saturday, April 25, 2009

How we've grown...

32 Weeks

36 Weeks
38 Weeks

I really appreciate all the emails, comments, and facebook messages asking how I have been and how close I am to "the end."  I am almost 38 weeks.  Adeline came at 39 weeks, so I really could go into labor at any time.  I am going to see the midwife weekly, and everything looks's head is down, heart rate is fine, I'm gaining about a pound a week at this point, and still this little one remains quite active.  I think it soon needs to be getting too tight in there for the sweeping movements across my belly, not that I'm complaining...I love it.  

Patrick and I have been discussing how we have been much more lax about preparing for the arrival of this one.  We are planning to pack a bag tomorrow.  I did wash clothes, burp clothes, and other necessities last week (while also getting out and washing all of Adeline's summer clothes). 

Next week looks CRAZY!  I am working Mon-Wed.  It seems nuts, but they have several people out, and I agreed a while ago to help.  In addition, I have something almost every evening next week...including a midwife apt.  After this week, my calendar gets a lot clearer (not that I'm going to be busy with a newborn and a toddler or anything).  Thanks for your prayers as the time draws near.  We are so excited to meet this little boy or girl.  By the way, any guesses?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Becoming a weekend tradition...

Adeline loves watching us cook. She especially loves bacon (or ham) and eggs. This is one of the only things her daddy cooks, so this is becoming a common occurance on weekend days. Since he is usually kind enough to get up when she does and let mommy sleep a bit longer...nice.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here's the scene...

It's pizza night....
Adeline: (in a very excited voice) "Look mommy, it's California!"
"I dropped California.  I can't reach California."
Parents:  laughing uncontrollably...
Can you tell she's very into her United States puzzle?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Fun...

What happens when daddy goes to Texas for a few days?

Kristen, this one's for you!
Yes, the princess crown is upside down.  She likes it that way...don't mess with her!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updates for my poor, neglected blog

This is one of those nights when I wish I could use my blog to pour my heart out, but I realize how foolish it would be for ME to use this blog for such purposes.  Many of you are able to use your blogs as a forum to vent and express yourselves, but I have readers from many aspects of my "real" life, and spilling my guts online would be less than prudent.  I'm sure some of it is my pregnancy hormones, but there is just a lot going through my mind and burdening my heart tonight....

That being said, I realize I have been a bit absent from this blog of late.  Some of it is just fatigue.  Although I'm sleeping a lot, this baby is taking a lot out of me at this point.  It takes a lot more energy to complete simple tasks, and I always said if blogging became a burden I would stop.  I don't need one more thing to add to my "things to do list"....and those who know me, know I am ALL ABOUT my lists!  I still enjoy the fellowship here, and I'm not ready to give up this outlet yet.  I'm just doing it when I really WANT to and when I have something to say.  It is hard to believe I used to post almost daily.  I think I just had so much more material when I was living in another country and traveling the world.  Many thanks to those who have written or commented recently asking how I am feeling.  Here are some updates about how and what I have been doing...

---We found a midwife practice that we are excited about.  It is across the street from a hospital, which is comforting, but this setting is more in line with our ideal birth plan (briefly, we used the Bradley method for Adeline and successfully had an unmedicated birth).  I would like to go home sooner than hospital standards (I really don't like being awakened to have my blood pressure taken in the middle of the night).  There are many other reasons, but let's just leave it as we like this practice, and we are thrilled that the military approved the use of this non-military site for our care.  I thought I would have to switch to a different form of Tricare (long story), but they approved full coverage for this practice.

---I am still working.  In fact, I am picking up a few extra days at the end of April because there are several therapists at courses or vacationing, so they needed the extra help.  My last day there before maternity leave should be Wednesday, the 29th.  It is getting harder at this point, but I still enjoy having the change of pace and giving my mom a chance to have some bonding time with Adeline.  Of course, I also love that she cooks dinner, does the dishes, and helps with other random household chores.

---For a long time, I was telling people my due date is May 15.  When we were getting my medical records ready to see the midwife for the first time, Patrick told me my due date is the 11th.  I was sure he was wrong and promptly flipped through my calendar.  Ahem, I am due the 11th.  However, Adeline came a week early, so I have in my head that this baby will be early as well.  If late, I may be back to vent...

---On Monday, I will be 36 weeks.  This baby is VERY active.  I love it!  I think the head has finally shifted down (I'll let you know for sure after my next appointment).  I don't have many aches and back pain, swelling, or leg cramps.  However, I'm still having some low blood pressure issues, especially in the morning.  It is sometimes hard to breathe, and I have had some reflux, mostly at night.  I have been really tired throughout this pregnancy.  People say it is because of Adeline, but I don't agree.  I sleep at least 8 hours a night, and I STILL take a two hour nap most days when she naps.  I have NEVER been big on naps in the past.  They would throw off my sleep schedule, but I'm just more tired now.

---Patrick just returned yesterday from 6 days in Florida for a family practice conference.  He had a lot of fun visiting family while there and catching up with his residency friends.  It is really nice to have him home again.

---While he was gone, I...
-had a girl's night out in Baltimore with my friend, Lauren.  Dinner at Blue Agave...yum!  It was really fun to catch up with her and not need to feed anyone before leaving or be home by a certain time.  Adeline was at my parents' for a few days.
-met with one of the families of the TWO weddings I am helping to plan right now.
-hosted three girls from the Grove City College choir overnight after a concert at our church.
-hosted book club for 15 women on Tuesday.  More book reviews to come...

---Adeline has been transitioning to her big girl bed.  That is a post all of its own.

That is enough recapping for one night.  It's soon past my bedtime.  Again, thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.....goodnight.