Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Camille's First Birthday Party!!!

We decided to have a big bash for Camille's first birthday....and what better place than the park?!?  We invited new friends, old friends, church friends, and family.  It was "our world's colliding."  We had a blast!

Here is the guest of honor/princess/big girl/will always be my BABY girl.

I've been wanting to find just the right occasion to support Cookies for Africa, and this was it!  I made a beehive cake, and Becky (who is as sweet as she is talented) made bee and flower cookies as favors for everyone.

I made Camille her own mini beehive cake.

She was thankful...

Patrick with his sister, Brooke

Uncle Bobby (Pat's brother)

Miss Tammy


Heidi (a special shout out to the Hollinger's for traveling all the way from Pa just to help us celebrate!)

My dad did the grilling.


Becky@CookiesForAfrica said...

Oh, Lynn!!!!!! I am quite literally in tears at the preciousness of these pictures!!!!! That picture of Camille with the icing on her nose and you peeking behind?! That got me started... and there are so many equally as sweet pictures. Looks like a day of pure rejoicing and happiness and I'm so happy for you! Unbelievable that you did her own small beehive cake!! AND... I happen to know that you made this whole party happen having worked the day beforehand, which is pretty amazingly impressive!!

Koozie Pricing said...

When I was young like the babies, my parents could not give me a birthday party. It's lucky for the children now

Jenni S. said...

Happy 1st birthday Camille! The party looked awesome, Lynn and Camille was so precious in her tiara. So happy that you had so much fun!

krista said...

Happy 1st Birthday Camille!
Great job on the cake Mommy! What great pictures. I love the one where she's giving you a kiss after smashing her little beehive cake. :-)

Mrs. Fix said...

SO bummed we missed it! The cookies and the cake look great!

Anonymous said...

She is just so darling! She looks like such a sweet spirit.

Nothing as fun as the first party, well, expect the second, third, and so on :D

Wonderful photos and loved peaking in on Camille's day.

Muthering Heights said...

What a unique idea for a cake! It looks like a nice party! :)

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

Looks like a perfect 1st birthday party!!! you got some FABULOUS shots!!!

Renee said...

The celebration photos are wonderful!! Looks like everyone had a great time. {{Love}} the photo of you & Camille reading the book on a bench!

Happy 1st Birthday Camille :-)

Kristen said...

i can NOT believe she is a year old already. WOW did that time go by quickly.

i love your pictures.

great job on her cake - it is darling!

Just Mom said...




Oops. Sorry for shouting.

Lynn, that beehive cake is AWESOME! Sorry again. I couldn't help it. :-D

Michelle Brubaker said...

Happy First Birthday, Camille! With Love from The Brubaker Family

Jen said...

Great pictures, Lynn! Sorry we couldn't make it down - miss you guys!