Thursday, October 22, 2009

Queen Anne Farm

I love all things fall. We had so much fun at Queen Anne Farm last year, we needed to go again.

That is one ginormous apple!!!

Can't wait for baby Koncsics #5 to arrive!!!


Just Mom said...


Are you sure that's an apple and not a tiny pumpkin?


Mari said...

What a fun day! That's the biggest apple I've ever seen!

Krazy Fam said...

That apple is INSANE!!!

Jenni S. said...

I'm with JM on that apple -- we got some pumpkins for the girls to paint and they weren't as big as that apple! Looks like a great time -- gotta love orchard visits!

Short Stop said...

Your love of all things fall made our dorm room the envy of everyone else at the start of the school year!!!

Looks like a great time!! (Did you cut your hair? I like it!!)

Kristen said...

oh my word that is the largest apple EVER!!

this farm looks like such a wonderful place to go as a family.

fun pictures!

Amanda Evans said...

I love all the fall pictures! You guys are too cute! Hey, what camera did you get last year when you switched to a fancy SLR? I've been looking around and would love any tips!