Sunday, June 27, 2010

Been cookin' with some new things...

Anyone know what these are?

or this?
answers in the comments section...

Goat Cheese

Mascarpone cheese.....I'd heard of it, probably eaten it in something somewhere, but never cooked with it....until now.

I've got a few more recipes to try, and then I'll post the REALLY good ones.  I think I found a new favorite way to make pork tenderloin.....well equally as good as my other favorite pork recipe.  Stay tuned.

Oh, and did you know brussels sprouts grow like this?!?  I learned that last year....forgot to post it.  God is so creative.


Lynn said...

1st picture = tomatillos
2nd picture= Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)

Becky@CookiesForAfrica said...

I knew the first were tomatillos, thanks to Rick Bayless' cookbooks. To me, they are one of the tastiest things in the grocery store!! I didn't recognize the Panko, although I felt i should have when I saw your comment. And I had NO idea that that was how brussell sprouts grew!!!! Where did you get those like that? Did you join a CSA? Are they root vegetables or more like cabbages? I'm full of curiousity about brussel sprouts now :-)