Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Sapphire Princess

Here are some of the pictures of our cruise ship and some of the activities we enjoyed while cruising.

We were not able to get a room with a window (which we were really bummed and a bit nervous about before our vacation).  I have been on two other cruises one without and one with a window.  The room without a window was very tiny and was so dark at night that I had a really hard time waking up in the morning.  However, there weren't any military discounts left for the rooms with window views, so we either had to take a room without a window or pay a few THOUSAND dollars more for a balcony.  We were pleasantly surprised when we found ourselves in this nice suite.  No window, but plenty of space.  We brought our own baby girl alarm clock with us.  She did not seem at all disoriented by the dark room.  Around the backside of the sink is a desk with a mirror above it and a large closet.  The bathroom was also more spacious than any I have had before on a ship.

One of Adeline's favorite locations was this jungle gym.  She especially loved the slide.
in the tunnel with daddy...

Adeline LOVED the pool.  I thought we got some pictures there, but I guess it was just video.

dancing with daddy...

This is one of many of Adeline's adoptive grandmothers.  She was quite an attraction.
Patrick and I came in second in the doubles ping-pong tournament.  We lost the final game 20-22.  I won the women's tournament (so what if there were only three of us).

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