Thursday, February 7, 2008

suggestions anyone?

There are a lot of moms with a lot of experience out there, so HELP!  Adeline LOVES music, and I want to get her some kid CDs for her fast approaching first birthday.  I loved Psalty's Kid's Praise music when I was growing up (mom, do you still have any of that?).  I am looking for both Christian stuff and educational stuff.  If I have a variety, I think it will help me go less nuts listening to it all day.  So, what are your favorites?  What should I avoid for the sake of my sanity?


keenbliss said...

N loves Veggie tales music (not the videos yet, he's scared of the squash!) We like the sing alongs and toddler songs. They drive me a little nutso, so I limit it to only the car usually, but both boys have picked up several of the songs and try to sing along!

Dave and Jenni said...

The girls also liked Veggietales songs long before they ever saw the videos. The Worship Songs one is also a good choice (contemporary praise music done by veggies). Our girls also like Sesame Street songs and the Praise Baby collection. Hope this helps!

Janelle said...

Check out We have been taking the classes for years with a good friend and teacher. My kids and I have really enjoyed the quality of the music. You can order instruments, CDs, books, etc from their site. I highly recommend it!!

Kristen said...

My two older kids love the Wiggles. Landon who is almost 4, loves music and still enjoys the wiggles. VeggieTales music is a big hit too. I ditto the worship CD it is really good. Go Fish Guys ( have some great kid CD's. They are probably for when she is a little older but they definitely are enjoyable by parents. They do have one called snooze but I haven't heard that one yet.

Keep us posted on what you find!

Nancy said...

We have four of the "Seeds" cds...Seeds of Praise, Seeds of Faith, Seeds of Purpose, and Seeds of Courage. They are all pure scripture put to music. We love them.
We also love Judy Rogers' Teach Me While My Heart is Tender. It goes through some catechism questions among other things.
We love Philadelphia Chickens by Sandra Boynton and of course the Wiggles.
I can honestly say that Duncan and I genuinely enjoy all of these suggestions-- sometimes more than the kids!

Ruthie said...

Looks like you've gotten lots of good Christian music suggestions, so I will tell you that my kids' favorites -- the ones that I actually loved listening to, as well, included:
Raffi, Fred Penner, For Our Children, and Joe Scruggs. Also the MOST FUN for just sheer silliness that will amuse you, too, has to be anything by Sandra Boynton. We adore her stuff -- Philadelphia Chickens, Dog Train, Rhinoceros Tap. These are all CDs that all my kids (age 26 - 10 now) have listened to and loved, and now my granddaughters (age almost 3 and 7 months) are listening to them, too.

I will just add that Michael Card's Sleep Sound in Jesus and Come to the Cradle are WONDERFUL. So there you go. More than you ever wanted to know, I'm sure! Aren't you glad you asked?

Tropical Mexican said...

I suggest finding music that is in a style that you like if you don't want to feel like pulling your hair out strand by strand because it would be less painfull than what your listening to.

For example I like reggae. I found an artist named Asheba. You can find his music at and One of his albums is on iTunes.

I also "world" music. So in terms of something more mainstream, I like the "backyardigans". The use a variety of styles if music.

Last but not least i like " soul" music. I found a group called " choo choo soul". But if someone doesnt like that style of music it would be very annoying.

Oh and any of the putamayo kids CDs are pretty cool. I might have spelled that wrong.

Angela said...

Laurie Berkner has GREAT kids songs. Very unique and lots of fun. I have some on our IPod. Remind me next time I see you and you can check it out.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh, I loved Psalty...wish I had some. I haven't seen them.

"we're going camping now. We're on our way. We're gonna climb up a moutain and run and jump and play. And as we hike along we're gonna sing...Hallelujah to the king!"

Anyway, I digress. We LOVE Scripture Rock through BMG music. I love Steve Green, "Hide 'em in your heart" - verses to music. We like They Might Be Giants (no no no songs for kids); muscials (Mary Poppins, Annie...)

Have fun!

Momma Roar said...

I finally got off my duff and went at looked at my cds :)

Cedarmont kids and Wee Sing Bible Songs - both very good and haven't driven me nuts in almost 6 years!!

jjlandis said...

Get her hooked on YOUR music and don't let her know there are kid options out there. Your life will be so much more pleasant. I'm a prude, but so far we're all okay!