Friday, February 29, 2008


I took my dad to experience E-Mart...kinda like a Korean Super (grocery store included) Wallmart.  It is worth going here just for the carts.  All 4 wheels on the cart swivel, so it goes in all directions with just a tug.  The wheels also have grooves which lock in place on these nifty escalators.  Here is a "look-ma-no-hands" picture of dad with our cart on the escalator.  When you get to the top, the cart is pushed forward and when the wheels are off the grooves, it is set free to go in all directions again...too fun!

We didn't buy too much today, but I did buy a pair of under.wear to add to my "Korenglish-not-quite-right-saying collection."  (that will be another post sometime)....They say, "Love made you special."  It was a dollar well spent because they make me laugh whenever I see them.


Anonymous said...

Life as we know it not!


Dave and Jenni said...

I once saw a piece on MSNBC or CNN or something about those sayings. It wa about China having to fix signs in time for the Olympics so that they had the proper English sayings on them. They, of course, called it Chinglish. :) Can't wait to see that post because the news story I saw made me laugh, so I'm sure your post will be just as funny!