Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What I've been reading...

This post was deleted by blogger, so I'm reposting it...sorry if you are reading it for the second time.

Why not read a children's classic just to mix things up a bit?  I read Heidi during my last weeks of pregnancy and during my hospital stay.  It is sweet...sometimes nauseatingly sweet.  It's predictable and drags at times, but it was light and perfect for that time in my life.

As one girl in my book club commented, "You could tell me this book was written in 1832, and I would believe you." Sinclair Ferguson writes with the sage wisdom of classic Biblical scholars, yet has a wit and style that makes it readable. The Pundit's Folly is a study of life according to Ecclesiastes. It is convicting, encouraging (if you are a Christian), and engaging. I recommend this one.

I probably would rate this book higher if I hadn't read Unbroken first. In Night, Elie Wiesel tells his story of life and torture as a young Jew in Auschwitz. Through the atrocities he experienced, he began to question his faith and ultimately rejects God. Unlike memoirs like Unbroken and The Hiding Place, there is no redemption. Night is a concise and well written account of the horrors of genocide that occurred in WWII, but as our book club discussion leader pointed out, remembering is not enough. The problem is sin, and no amount of education, preaching, or law making is going to change that we are all sinners and are capable of horrible things. Certainly an excellent book, but if you are only going to read one WWII story this year, pick Unbroken


Tettelestai said...

i have read all but the unbroken. it sounds pretty good, i should check that out.

i love that picture at the top of your blog!!! camille's hat is just adorable, i am always amazed that she is willing to keep the thing on!!!

Janelle said...

I have unbroken on hold.

When do you find time to read? I struggle with that. I love to read.