Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2 going on 4

When you ask Camille how old she is, she'll say, "I four!"  When you say, "You're not four."  She'll say, "TWO!"
Indeed, my baby girl just turned two.  She is sure she can do everything her 4 yo sister can do, and honestly, I feel like she's been 2 for at least 6 months.  Her birthday was May 9th.  Her party for family and friends was on Saturday the 7th.

 The theme was BALLOONS!  I was really happy with how my balloon cupcake display turned out.  I got the idea here.
The pink ones were strawberry, the purple were vanilla, the green were chocolate, and the orange were "mystery."
Once again, the Hollingers made the trip from PA.  We love them.

We had the party at Fox Hill Park again this year.  We used the grill for a delicious cookout.  Once again, there was a second party that showed up to use the pavilion.  You can't reserve it.  It's first come, first serve.  Luckily, they found my husband first.  He has so much more grace than I do in these situations.  I was ready to tell them to move some tables together under the trees like we did last year.  We were here first!  Of course, SHARING was a much better example for our kids, and it really was fine.  The pavilion is huge.  Thank you sweetie.


Her cupcake of choice....unfortunately, I forgot to bring candles.

Gamma Barron with cousin Mikey

Aunt Brooke and Uncle Damien

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Jenny
Bobby took most of the pictures in this post.  I handed him my camera when we got to the cupcakes part, and he did a great job capturing the rest of the party.  Thanks Bob!


My uber talented friend, Missy, MADE this doll for Camille.  Yes, I said "made"....yes, she does have three girls of her, I don't know where she finds the time to be so generous with her creativity.

On Camille's actual birthday, daddy had an errand to run close to our house in the middle of the day.  Afterward, he showed up with flowers and a princess card for his birthday princess.
Yeah, he's cool like that.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!!  We love you!


Anonymous said...

How adorable is Camille! Two is such a cute age. Happy celebrating, Michelle Brubaker

Kristen said...

happy birthday camille!

she looks so much like you!!!

i feel like she should be older than two as well...she asks so grown up :o)

i love your balloon cupcake display. darling! i am putting that away in my birthday idea folder. super cute.

Anonymous said...

Once again, I held my breath in utter disbelief as you gave you toddler cake with colored icing while she was wearing a white sweater! LOVE the kiss sandwich picture! What a fun time!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Camille! The party looks so fun and I love the cupcake arrangement. Now - I have to know, what flavor were the mystery cupcakes?

Lynn said...

The orange ones were either chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. You just didn't know which one you were going to get!

Kara said...

This post is adorable. I especially love the sweetness of daddy bringing the flowers and a kiss for his little princess on her birthday. I love it!! Sounds like a great day.

Short Stop said...

I love it all.

The balloon cake is AWESOME! The family pictures, the joy, and YOU!

Happy Birthday to your precious Camille.

krista said...

Super cute--all of it!
I too love the kiss sandwich picture and concur with Heidi about the white sweater/cake combo. Gasp.

You're such a great mama! Sorry we missed all the fun!

Tettelestai said...

i would love to steal that balloon cupcake idea!! so sweet! i love the doll made by missy, wow i had no idea that gal was that talented!!

Janelle said...


I can hardly believe that!

That cake is amazing! I will probably steal that idea from you when a certain child of mine turns 3 next month.

What a beautiful sweet picture with her daddy!

joana ahn said...

awwww, she's precious! love her! said...

ADORABLE! Truly adorable! What a sweetheart she is!! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!