Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

A:  "Bunny likes to have lunch first and then have breakfast."


A:  "Paw paw, you're old."

This was a conversation between Rock and his mother, Rachel, last week after Rock and Adeline played together while Rachel and I had Biblestudy.

Rock:  "Two times, mommy."
Rach:  "What do you mean, Rock?"
Rock:  "Two times I kissed Adeline.  One was a regular kiss and one was a love kiss.  I hugged her too."
Rach:  "What is a love kiss?"
Rock:  "You know, a love kiss."
          Rachel, unable to get a better description from her 3yo son, decided to pump Adeline for info when she had her in the church nursery the following Sunday.
Rach:  "So, Adeline, I hear Rock gave you a kiss on Thursday."
Adeline:  Smiles and blushes slightly.
Rach:  "What kind of kiss was it?"
Adeline:  "A sweet kiss."
     Patrick already warned Rock that he's keeping an eye on him...

After bath time, I told Adeline to put on some clean pant*ies.  After standing in front of her armoire for some time, she says....

A:  "Mommy, I'm going to wear the flowered ones because grandma planted flowers today, and daddy planted flowers today, so I'm going to pick these because they have flowers on them."

     This will be especially funny to a few people who know me well...

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Tettelestai said...

sign the contract for the arranged marriage, just easier on everyone ;-) how sweet! and oh poor patrick!!!

Mari said...

Oh boy - Patrick's got trouble ahead!
Love these!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

What a sweet girl :)

Happy TTT girl - love watching your growing family!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

Sweet girls;) And gotta watch them young kissing those little boys.. caught my youngest girl:)

SAw that you're reading 1000 gifts!! I am too and LOVE it:) I"m savoring it:)

And my youngest, now 1 yr, is a Nathaniel:) He just goes by Nate though:)

Beautiful family:)