Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random Updates...

Patrick built a garden box this year.

He had some help doing the planting...

We are hoping for a lot of peas.  They planted them in intervals to spread out the harvest season.  We were very excited when they sprouted.
Patrick built a pea trellis so the peas would be happy...

I love that he involves the girls in the process.

Our excitement grew as the peas quickly started wrapping their tendrils around the trellis.
Stay tuned for more gardening updates.  We've Patrick also planted peppers, cherry tomatoes, squash, zucchini, lots of herbs, tea, and flowers.   

In other news, a bird family has been building in our bird house.  How cosy.

 This little guy is still stealing our hearts.

 He is more alert these days.

and still gets LOTS of love from his sisters.

Wednesday marked 9 weeks.  He had his 2 month check up on Tuesday.  As we suspected, he's growing.  11 lbs, 5 oz to be exact...

 He has also begun smiling and "talking" which is awesome.  We've yet to capture a smile in full bloom on camera, but this is close...

 He does still does plenty of this though....which makes mommy very happy.

Patrick's cousin, Tina, sent the cutest package from Hawaii.  How sweet are these hula skirts?!?  We are going to have to host a luau this summer just so Nathaniel can wear his adorable Hawaiian duds.

Camille has transitioned to a "big girl bed."  She started taking naps in Adeline's room a few weeks ago, and then we decided we should turn our guest room into a room for Camille.  We just purchased an ADORABLE daybed from Craig's list.  I'll try to post pictures soon.  She loves to do all things "big," so this was an easy transition for her.  If only the ease would carry over to potty training (which we haven't started yet)....sigh.

Two year birthday pictures coming soon...


Denise said...

oh baby is so alert! so handsome.

the garden looks terrific...but peas..ick.

two yr old sweet... in such a baby position.

i still look for baby when i kiss my big kids at night. i find it in their soft cheeks, profiles, puckered lips, the way their hands are curled.

it goes too fast.

Kristen said...

i love camille sleeping with her bum up in the air... so sweet!

we haven't even thought about planting our garden yet... its too cold. jealous you have sprouts. i love having our garden. our strawberries from last year are growing like crazy but no berries yet.

nathaniel is so sweet and absolutely adorable.

Janelle said...

Daddy + baby = swooning.

Toddler + booty = pinching

Curly hair + sweet girl = amazing