Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

A: "Daddy will be home soon."
me: "No, sweetie. Daddy will be home before supper."
A: "I will give him a kiss."
me: "Aww, sweetheart, I'm sure daddy would love that."
A: "That will make him happy."

A: "Here mommy..." (handing me a slice of her tangerine)
me: "Oh, Adeline, that is such good sharing."
A: "Here Camille (reaching a slice in Camille's direction)....just pretend." (and then Adeline eats it)

me: "Adeline, did you do a good job obeying Mrs Fix today? Did you play nicely with Rock?"
A: "No...I had to sit on the step."

It was a hectic morning, and I had just given Adeline her breakfast while I was tending to Camille...
A: "Mommy, we forgot to pray to Jesus."


Adeline is laying on the floor to have her diaper changed. She wants her bunny and starts to get up.

me: "Here Adeline, I'll get her for you."
A: "No mommy, don't wake up bunny."

Adeline was fussing as we were leaving church.
me: "I know... it's hard to be two sometimes."
A: "I don't WANT to be two!!! I want to be THREE!"

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Mari said...

I love these little tidbits of her life!

jj said...

Love these. Make sure to record them in a journal for her. I have lots from Esther and not so many from the others.

jj said...

PS See you at Thanksgiving????

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

She is so precious!

Anonymous said...

Such sweet comments from your little princess. I love that she was waiting for her daddy to be home. My oldest used to stand by the door and scream, "Daddy's coming, Daddy's coming!" She still holds a very special place in his heart like none other!

You have no idea how blessed you are to be recording this stuff. I just wrote to another blogging friend about TTTuesday. I have so many memories from my girls, but I'm finding that I get my kids mixed up after all these years. I never thought it would happen, but is has. I will recall something they said or did and they will correct me and say it was their sibling. You have the wonderful joy of looking back at this record of precious memories to hang onto forever. Treasure it!

Just Mom said...


JS sometimes has to remind us to pray, too. :-D

ChrisandMissy said...

Oh Adeline, sometimes it's hard being three too! Love, Anna

Jen said...

To echo the above comment, sometimes three is just as hard as two!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh sweet little girl...you'll be three soon enough :)

Love it! Happy TTT!