Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

A: "I'm going to cook something and it will be very, very hot."


Adeline taking grapes off of a bunch...one of them still had a stem attached...

A: "Mommy, I can't open this grape."


Adeline loves to sit on the sink in our bathroom when I am putting on makeup. Patrick just rolls his eyes as she names all the items (she's such a girl). My favorite is "EYE liner!!!" Sometimes I give her a little bit of lotion to dab on her cheeks. She turns her head back and forth admiring herself in the mirror and says, "I look pretty!!!"

One day after I put on my makeup and reviewed the names of each thing with her, I found her "on the phone" in my bedroom. This was the conversation...

A: "Hi mascara. How are you?....... Are you good? Hi mascara!!!"

Camille starts screaming in the playroom...

Me: "Adeline, did you make Camille fuss?"
A: "yeah....I was changing her diaper."
Me: "Where did you hurt her?"
A: "Her face."
Me: "What did you do to her face?"
A: "I spanked her." "I'm sorry Camille...."

Well at least you're sorry for hitting her and making her scream....yeah, mommy somehow didn't think that was enough penance.


Daddy: "It's dark in here (when putting Adeline to bed). I can't see you. Oh wait, here's your head, and your arms, and your belly, and your legs (tickling her)."

A: "and here's my pO pO and my girl parts."

Yeah, daddy...why skip from the belly to legs? There are parts in between there......I just love her innocence.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh my - she is such a cutie! Love all the pics here that I got to catch up on today.

Spanking her sister...oh my. I once read that to reinforce the honesty she gave you, let her know what the punishment W"OULD have been if she lied and then what it is because she was honest. (works well for us, but we have a child that struggles with honesty) It's hard to be honest when you know you'll get in trouble. (ie...you would have had 2 spanks if you lied, but since you were honest...)

OK, I digress. your family is so precious.

Love the mascara phone chat.

Christie said...

These comments are so cute! (well, except for the hitting Camille one)

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

We were once shopping and my (then youngest) started wailing at the top of her lungs. I couldn't figure out what on earth was wrong with her then her big brother very matter of factly told me she was probably crying b/c he had bitten her. He had never bitten before, just randomly decided to bite her finger in the store. I never would have known what was wrong if he hadn't fessed up.


love the "hi mascara" talk. :-)

Jenni S. said...

Adeline makes me think of Anna -- that girl can talk to anyone and anything. That would probably include mascara. Very cute.

Kristen said...

i look forward to this every tuesday. it brightens my day.

Theresa @ Heavenly Glimpses said...

So precious! Gotta love the innocence...

Musicaljean said...

So funny! I used to write all these funny things in my Daytimer. Some of them would not have been fit to put on a blog, but they surely were funny, and they still send us into gales of laughter after all these years.

krista said...

I just love the stuff they come up with--well, most of the time. ;o)
Innocent, witty, nixy, and adorable all rolled into one.

I'm impressed A knows her makeup! I still about roll on the floor everytime Natalia picks up my tweezers (or whatever she is pretending is a tweezers) and scrunches up her face. GIRLS.