Saturday, August 30, 2008

missing parts

If Adeline can point to her eyes, ears, mouth, belly, toes, fingers, KNEES (grandpa taught her this one day), and "po-po" (aka bottom) and even name most of them, shouldn't she be able to point to her NOSE?!?

Not sure why we can't seem to get this one...I'll come.


Mrs. Fix said...

That's funny because I think "nose" is the only one that Rock recognizes thus far. He doesn't say it, but based on his pointing and grabbing (my nose) I think he understands what I'm saying....

Mari said...

She's got most of them down - nose will come!
PS - I don't see any mention of that award!!! :)

Growin' with it! said...

this HAS to be a good thing. it means you haven't said:
"quit picking your nose"
"get your finger out of your nose"

Kara said...

I think sometimes kids know they are pulling one over on ya and they just hold it strictly for the fun!

I bet this girl knows exactly where her nose is. She's yankin' momma's chain! :-)

John and Amanda said...

She'll figure it out soon enough, and then when she starts picking in it you'll wish you'd never hoped for her to find it! :)