Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The abc's of me...a meme

I saw this meme on several blogs and thought it was cute, and then Sarah tagged me to complete it.  That was just the kick in the tush I needed....

a. attached or single? very happily attached
b. best friend? Patrick, my mom, and many other girlfriends that are like sisters to me.
c. cake or pie? yes
d. day of choice? any day that Patrick doesn't have to work.
e. essential items? icecream, my laptop, Bible, whatever book I am reading at the moment, my iPhone.... ;o)
f. favorite color(s)? I like most of them.  It depends on what is being colored....I have very different favorites for wall colors than I do for clothing colors.  I tend to like most fall colors though (sage green, burnt orange, red)
g. gummy bears or worms? neither...I got sick on some Skittles as a kid, and now I have an aversion to anything fruity and chewy.
h. hometown? Manheim, PA
i. favorite indulgence? my new iPhone
j. january or july? July (only because it's so dark in January)
k. kids? If you've spent more than 10 seconds reading my blog, you know about my precious baby girl.
l. life isn't complete without? God...He gives everything purpose.
m. marriage date? December 22, 2001
n. number of brothers or sisters? 1 sister
o. oranges or apples? either...I eat an orange almost every day in the winter.  Apples are wonderful in anything baked or with peanut butter as a snack.
p. phobias? vermin of any kind (bugs, rodents, etc) (stole this answer from Sarah...I couldn't agree more)
q. quotes? "I believe in God as I believe the sun rises, not because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."  --CS Lewis
r. reasons to smile? Grass, Patrick is home, Adeline's laughter, we had REAL mashed potatoes for dinner, Patrick whisked me away for two nights to a wonderful B&B as an early birthday gift. 
s. season of choice? autumn
t. tag 5 people: Linda, Susan, Kristin (I miss you in the blogging world), Christie, and Jennifer (where ya been?)  
u. unknown fact about me.... I have to do another meme listing 6 of these...stay tuned...
v. vacation of choice? really hoping to take a trip to Europe while we have friends in Germany and England
w. worst habit? being critical of others, thinking (okay, insisting) I'm right.
x. xray or ultrasound? ultrasound
y. your favorite food? icecream, REAL mashed potatoes, all things pumpkin
z. zodiac sign? Virgo (but I gotta tell you...I was out of college and in my 20's before I even knew the answer to this one).  As Jenni said, "I don't believe that the stars tell me who I am, just the Maker of the stars."


katie said...

hey lady!
how goes the house hunting? we are about 90% unpacked...let us know when youre up for a visit in the big va! :)

Alana said...

Love that quote by C.S. Lewis. Very fun list. Would love to have an iPhone...is it just the coolest?? I love everything MAC:-)

Mari said...

That was fun. My favorite is your zodiac quote - I'm going to remember that one!

Janelle said...

We have so much in common! I think you are neat.

Anonymous said...

I could go for mashed potatoes with brown butter.


Dave and Jenni said...

That is a great Lewis quote! I laughed at your answer to "cake or pie?" And I think it's so neat that you and Sarah and I are all within weeks of having similar anniversary dates. How fun!

Kristen said...

i am green with envy right now about that iphone... you need to give us all the scoop on that phone, okay maybe just me but it is definitely on my wish list.

loved the quote by CS Lewis. loved this post.

add me to the list of December anniversary dates - i think you pointed it out on my meme we are one day apart!

glad you had a weekend away with your hubs - hope it was wonderful!

krista said...

What a cute post! I may just do it too. We'll see.

Loved the C.S. Lewis quote and Zodiac answer--I couldn't agree more.

Hope you had a wonderful getaway with your hubby and that your house hunting is going well! :o)

Monica said...

cute post. Do your parents still live on manheim/mt joy road? I've driven past there several times recently and wondered if that's where you're at. I remember taking you home from school once or twice =)

Short Stop said...

There are so many things I could comment...but I'll try to narrow them down:

c. Amen.

f. Some of my all time faves.

g. Ick. Me no likey either.

q. Do you still have your t-shirt? :)

r and y: Nothing in the whole world like real mashed potatoes. And, as Heidi said, brown butter!

Love it when you do these things. Looking forward to the sixer.

Growin' with it! said...

okay, i just can't get off the apples/peanut butter dealie. i had totally forgot about that delicious treat! hmm, just might have it for breakfast!

and oh, so sweet of you to invite me. umm, i did this one already but it was on my old blog.....and it got deleted...waaaaaa.

just might have to do it again for some new ideas. thanks girl!

~Just A Thought Ginger said...

K. kids? If you've spent more than 10 seconds reading my blog, you know about my precious baby girl.

Yup, that's you, one fantastic momma!