Friday, May 2, 2008

Future Plans

Several people have asked me recently how long our visit to the US will be, so I thought I should officially inform you all of our plans.  When we return in July, it is not for a visit.  WE ARE MOVING HOME!!!  Our assignment here was only for a year (so you better get those shopping requests to me because I only have a few months left!).  We will be returning to Maryland, with Patrick stationed at Andrews AFB again.  The woman renting our house would like to buy it.  If that goes as planned, we will probably buy something a little larger and a little farther be closer to our church family.  We will be stationed at Andrews for 3 years, and Patrick will most likely deploy soon after we return home.  After this assignment, his military commitment is finished, and we will probably move to PA to be close to my family.

Disclaimer...these are OUR plans, and we are aware and even willing (oh how I wish I could make that word big and bold...He's still working on me) for God to change them at any point along the way.....


Short Stop said...

Why did this just make me cry?

Maybe it's that I live so far away from you and you're coming home and I miss you terribly.

Or maybe it's that you're gonna move to PA where you have always said you would love to raise your family and I love it that you will live there.

Or maybe it's that I can hardly type the words that I'm willing to allow God to change my life's plans because He has in my life, and it is so hard sometimes. I have been so inspired to see how you are blossoming and embracing God's plans for you in S. Korea.

In honor of this meltdown, I'm gonna make Whoopie pies today!

Mari said...

I'm happy for you, but I think you've forgotten that you are supposed to be in Korea to take me shopping when we go to visit Andy next year!
As a Mom though - I know your family will be so happy to have you closer to them!

Kristen said...

YEAH you are coming home!

I love how you said that you are willing to allow God to change your life's plans - it is not always easy. You are embracing his plans for your life!

You seem to have made the most of your year in Korea - learning, touring, and shopping! I have loved getting a glimpse of their culture through you!

Love your new photo!!

Dave and Jenni said...

OK, so I already wrote this to you in an e-mail, but YAY! You're moving back to the States! And maybe we WILL get to "meet" again.

Jen said...

Yay - Maryland is so much closer than Korea, even though it's not Pennsylvania yet! It's so exciting to think that, God willing, in a little over 3 years, you'll live so much closer to me! You've definitely got the right perspective in being open to God's plans for your life. I can't wait to see you in person!!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Here's to hoping we can get in a shopping date while you are in MD! (Ho Co is a nice place...hint hint)

Long terms plans are good to lay out, yet it is always a beautiful thing to see where God carries your family.

Jessica Brown said...

How exciting!

Janelle said...

The plans He has for you are good. I can't wait to hear/read more.