Thursday, December 27, 2007

Rohal Family Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, despite being away from friends (although we've made some new ones here) and family. The picture below was taken by our friend, Christie...

We invited our friend, Christie, to spend the night here Christmas Eve so she wouldn't have to wake up alone on Christmas Day. She brought homemade chocolate chip pancake batter because it is a tradition for her and her sister to make pancakes for their parents on Christmas morning. Yum!

We were able to open gifts with our families via Skype. Of course, Adeline is still too young to appreciate the fun of giving and receiving gifts, but she was very happy with all her new toys from her grandparents. One of her favorites was this train with animals that has moving parts and plays a song (we quickly turned off that part).

And of course, the wrapping paper was almost as much fun as the gifts...especially the shiny kind that crinkles.

The adults enjoyed playing with our new games while Adeline had nap time. In the evening, we went to a potluck with the medical group. It was an all around fun day.

I have to take a moment to brag on my husband. We decided not to do a lot for each other or for Adeline (because her grandparents spoiled her enough) since we are spending so much on traveling this year. However, three packages with three cards appeared with the other gifts. There was a gift and a card for me from Patrick, a gift and a homemade card from Patrick to Adeline, and a gift and card from Adeline to her mommy. Precious! I love you sweetie!


Nancy said...

Looks like great fun! And I'm loving those curls on the back of Adeline's head!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

"All aboard the animal train..."

D got that one too - LOVE it :)

Merry Christmas gal.

jj said...

You're very photogenic. How do you manage to always look so good? (All of you!)