Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adeline's 4th Birthday

I'm finally getting around to posting pictures from Adeline's 4th birthday.  I've been a bit preoccupied the past few weeks.  ;o)

 I was looking for an easy party this year (read not in my house....and ONE party for family and friends rather than two parties like last year) since I was due with Nathaniel two weeks after her birthday.  When Camille and I some of us had the flu the Saturday of her party, we had to postpone things, and then my ideas were not working for the same date.'s how it went. 

Part 1

We went to the PG County Sports and Learning Center for their open gymnastics workshop.  They have a HUGE foam pit you can slide, swing, or jump into.  They also have trampolines, a climbing wall, balance beams, and other fun get-your-energy-out equipment.  My girls love it, and it took ZERO planning on my part.  Perfect.  


She could jump all day!

Yes, she was hanging on "all by her big girl self!"

Part 2

Adeline's real birthday, Feb 27, was on a Sunday.  My dad brought my grandmother and my sister down for the day (my mom was in Florida).  We enjoyed a nice lunch, opened presents, and visited....low key.

We got her a leapster....she loves it!

Lisa enjoying the 2010 scrapbook I made....perhaps I should blog about that sometime.

Her pigtails melt me.

Me (very pregnant) with my birthday girl.

Part 3

Pizza lunch at the food court of our local (outdoor) mall.  This was brilliant! (if I do say so myself).  There is an indoor food court (that is lovely with large windows, etc) in the center of the strip of stores at our local mall.  The only time we ever go there is to frequent Dairy Queen the mall area there is also a Chipotle, Panera, Noodles and Co, 5 guys, and other sit down restaurants.  Yeah, who is going to eat fast food chinese when you have all these other choices?!?  BUT, they have pizza, and my kids LOVE pizza.  We had the place practically to ourselves.  We put tables together and put paper tablecloths and pink paper plates on them for all our guests.  We were able to bring in veggies, fruit, and cake (which were not options in Chick-Fil-A, my first choice).  When the party was over, we wrapped them all up and left the mess THERE...NOT in my house!!! 

We had a princess theme.  The girls were encouraged to dress in their favorite princess costumes, and the boys could be knights.

I used my mom's doll skirt cake mold from when I was a kid and bought the "doll pick" (yes, that's what it's called) on Amazon for $5.  This cake was easy and fun. 

Camille with Uncle Bobby

Adeline with her buddy, Linus

Mommy fastening a necklace she was given....I love her curls here.

There was dancing

Joy personified.

"I do it my-SELF!"

Violet chose to put on her princess dress about 10 min before the party was over.  At least I got a picture!


Mari said...

They all look like such fun! I love the pictures of the kids. Everyone looks like they are having fun. I would say that even though you were going for easy, it all worked out!

Simply Sara said...

happy birthday adeline!
such a beautiful birthday princess!

i love the cake!
my soon to be four year old has requested a princess cake too...we'll see if it turns out as beautiful as yours...

Kristen said...

how fun!!

i LOVE adeline's curls... love them.

the princess cake is amazing... so cute.

i think my favorite picture is of the grandmas with camille... how precious.

Denise said...

that cake!!! AWESOME (don't let my girls see it).

how do you have the energy?

i especially love the pix of the girls with the grands. grandparents are the absolute best!