Thursday, January 7, 2010

A wrestling haiku

(Patrick guest posts...)

Adeline and I were enjoying our nighty wrestling match when the following thought occurred to me, in rhyming haiku, no less.  (Calcaneus is the heel bone.  Two heel bones make calcanei)

Adeline let fly
both of her calcanei
bruising my left eye


Muthering Heights said...

LOL, that's a great haiku!!

Mari said...

Good one!
Did this really happen or was it just a thought? Cause if it happened a picture needs to be posted!

Short Stop said...

I'm with Mari - though I doubt Patrick would want a picture of him with a black eye from his 2 year old daughter.

I think in haikus. All the time. Like while I'm driving - I'll put my thoughts into haikus. I'm weird.

Krazy Fam said...

Oh My!

keenbliss said...

Can we say DORK? Oh sorry Pat, hope your eye is OK!

Just Mom said...

Awesome! Patrick is posting now. Maybe the blog will be updated more often.