Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Up for discussion...

1.  Anyone read the Twilight series?  Is it really worth all the hype?  I have had NO desire to read them...vampires?  really?  However, they seem to keep popping up on blogs, in conversations, etc.  So, I want to know.  Are you hooked?  Are they cheesy?  pg rated?  well written?  worth my time?

2.    Those of you who know me, know I am an avid scrapbooker.  I do one large 12x15 album of our family events each year (ending with the Christmas card pictures you send us).  I also do other books for special events (a special vacation, baby books for the girls, etc).  I am strongly considering going to mostly digital scrapbooks.  I love the hands-on of traditional scrapbooking, but I think the digital version will be easier to store, easier to take places to show, cheaper, and faster. I plan to continue with traditional scrapbooks for the girls with events that are specific to them.  I want to be able to add mementoes to them and write in my own handwriting.   So, my question is....Have you tried any sites for digital scrapbooking that you would recommend?  I am looking for something with more options than say, Shutterfly.  I've made albums there, and they are fine.  I am looking for something where I am not locked into set templates.  I want to add as many pictures as I want, where I want them, in the sizes I want.  I want to put text where I want it, etc.  Basicly, I want the freedom to scrapbook like I always have, I just want it to be digital.  Any suggestions?  Has anyone tried the digital albums with Creative Memories?


Mari said...

I haven't read Twilight yet, but I keep hearing about it too.
I have been thinking a lot about digital scrapbooking too and was wondering about the Creative Memories system. I'll be interested in what you find out.

Monica said...

you're so funny! I too have not had any desire to read the Twilight series, because, well, you know vampires? But everyone keeps saying how good they are. I'll take their word for it. As far as the digital photobooks, I'm in the process of one right now from Kodak. But other good sites are snapfish and shutterfly.

Mrs. Fix said...

I've heard of people having success with both shutterfly and snapfish but I've yet to use either one. I'm trying to find a site that EASILY converts from blog to book. Thus far they've all looked pretty tedious...

And I too have no desire to hop on the Twilight bandwagon. I've heard their addictive but I'm too busy to get addicted to a series of books. Ask Becky and Rachel W. they both loved them.

Kristen said...

i read the twilight series last year and have seen both the twilight and new moon movies (crazy but i went to the midnight showing of new moon).

i was hesitant to read them because i am not into sci fi books or vampires at all. i would say the books lean way more towards the romance and the relationship between edward and bella. of course since he is a vampire there is that stuff as well but i didn't feel like it was too much. it was fairly innocent all throughout... some more descriptive stuff later but still not too bad. all that said, i would NOT let morgan who is 10 read them. i think the emotions are intense for that age and the fact that bella is willing to give up her life at 17 for a boy is not a message i want to send to my daughter.

are they my favorites? no. would i read them again? probably. is it fun to get together with other ladies and do something silly like go to the midnight show? yes! i am not a crazy fan but it was fun.

sorry that was so long... i should have skyped you :o)

scrapbooking.. i know many people are going digital. i have heard good things about the creative memories system. i know my neighbor bought one but i think she just got it at costco and likes it.

Amanda Evans said...

Most of the photo books look the same. Apple offers good ones that you can create right in iphoto, then "buy" them when they are complete. Shutterfly and Snapfish have good ones, too. So does My Publisher (and they offer fancy leather ones that make great coffee table books). I agree that they are easier, cheaper, and all...but there is no substitute for the thick, handcrafted works of art which are traditional scrapbooks :-)

Amanda R said...

I totally agree with Kristen. I am not in to vampire stuff either, but Twilight is fun and not really all "vampire-y". I enjoyed the romance, and agree it's not for all pre-teens.

Just Mom said...

1) I have no desire to read the Twilight series or to see the movies.

2) I haven't scrapbooked in years and probably should pick it up again. I've never really considered digital scrapbooking because, well, I have a blog. :-D

Short Stop said...

I'm with JM - no desire to read Twilight. But, then again, you know I'm not a reader.

I love your albums - there is something so unique and wonderful about the handmade albums that you've made. But, I understand how big and heavy they are - especially over the course of a lifetime of them. I loved Blurb - very flexible, could do what I wanted, and apparently, it's even better now.

Love you.

Mary@notbefore7 said...


I won't say the Twilight books are "worth" the time, but I sure loved 'em. Great fiction read! Not vampire'y at all! The movies are terrible in comparison. The books are more like a romance - pretty intense romance actually.

I agree with yoru friend - much too intense romance for young girls. It is passionate to teh extreme, without being physical. I loved 'em! Read all 4 in 5 days...that'll tell you about how much else got done in my life.

Book 4 got a bit "sci-fi" for me halway through, but it all worked out in the end and you know why they had to do it.

The characters stuck with me for days...the markings of a well written book.

If you just want a fun read - go for it - but life changing? uh...no. Read book one - if you aren't compelled to run out and get book 2, then you weren't hooked and you can let it go :) I began calling around for it because I didn't want to wait my turn at the library :)

So how go things? Ever out this way?

LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

I read Twilight... didn't think I'd like it but saw it on a reading list over at Rocks in My Dryer not this past summer but the one before that. Checked it out at the library and loved it. Haven't read Harry yet.

As for scrapbooking. I made the change to shutterfly. I do have a friend whose blog I read that does her own scrapbooking using adobe photoshop... check out her site (www.dailydwelling.com) and look for her scrapbooking posts.

Anonymous said...

I'm not reading the Twilight series just because everyone else is reading it. I'm weird like that. Jonathan read them.

You want my expert opinion on scrapbooking? Ha.Ha. You and I both know that is funny.


Michelle Brubaker said...

Hi, Lynn,

No Twilight in our house.

Mypublisher creates very professional scrapbooks - I did one of our first family trip to Paris and I need to get back online to do other trips - I recommend it.

Best, Michelle

Jen said...

Hey Lynn -
I understand your scrapbooking dilemma....check out Blurb.com. I've done several with them and although they have suggested layouts, you can change them just like you would a Word document (adding text boxes, picture boxes, etc). I've been really pleased with the results!