Monday, June 22, 2009

Watkins Park

A group of us (3 mommies and 6 kids) took a trip to Watkin's Park. First, we started out looking at the animals. My girl LOVES all things bunny.

...but she didn't like the chickens because they were too noisy. And next we had the peacocks...
A: "I don't like the peacocks. They're too noisy."
We then saw some pigs (fine) and some turkeys, but they were noisy too. She wanted to get away from those noisy turkeys, so she prodded mommy to head over to the ducks.....we've seen ducks before. They should be safe, right? Well.....there were some geese and swans mixed in there and as we approached, you guessed it, they were noisy too.
A: "I don't like them. Mommy hold you!?!"

Next we decided to go on a hay ride. Adeline, who recently has become very apprehensive about new things, did NOT want to ride the hay ride. Mommy made her....because I knew she would love it...and she did (although she snuggled with mommy the whole time).

After all that adventure, it was time for lunch. We had a very nice picnic.

Time to ride the choo choo train!!! Again, Adeline didn't want to, and the train was "a bit noisy." However, I think she enjoyed her ride and is still talking about it.

Then, just to make sure everyone was REALLY tired out and ready to nap, we headed to the playground. Adeline held Amelie's hand as we walked (too cute).

Such a fun day!!! Thanks Nancy and Rachel!


Mari said...

What a fun day - in spite of all that noise!

Kristen said...

What a fun day. I hope Adeline took a great nap after that fun outing.

Mauryn is always noticing things that are noisy too. Too funny!

jj said...

You are Super Woman.

Mrs. Fix said...

What does it say about our children that your daughter hated the loud animal while my son loved them? Thanks again for letting me come along on your day at the park -- it was super fun!