Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

A: "I want to go down to the basement to jump and jump all by your big girl self."
(we have a bouncy house in the basement...best $40 we ever spent).
Mommy: "Adeline, do you want watermelon or grapes?"
A: "First I would like wa-melon then cookies."
We are working on getting Adeline to stay in her big-girl bed. Our rule generally is that if we find her out of bed, she has to go in her baby crib for a few minutes (which she hates and usually causes a tantrum, but she's confined and she gets the point). About a week ago, Patrick put her in the crib and she didn't cry. She started to not see this penalty as such a bad thing. SO, being the astute parents we are, we came up with plan B. We decided we would take something she likes such as her paci or bunny and keep them for a few minutes AND put her in the crib. The first night, Patrick explained the rules to her. Later that evening, Patrick finds her in the hallway and says...
P: "Adeline, what are you doing out of bed?!?"
A: Hands her daddy her paci and says, "I go baby crib."
Sigh...back to the parental drawing board.
Head over to Mary's blog to read about more tiny talkers.


Krazy Fam said...

Oh my! This reminds me of the time we "punished" Collin and took away all his Thomas trains....he actually helped us box them up. :(

Mari said...

That is so funny! You are going to have to work to stay a step ahead of her!

Kara said...

Oh thanks for sharing these! They are simply the best!!! :-) You've got a little smarty on your hands!

Just Mom said...


JS never had a problem adjusting to his big bed back when he was two. He's made up for that by getting out of his bed now and crawling in to ours in the middle of the night.

keenbliss said...

Urgh. I can't get little e to stay in his bed either. I tried taking away his precious blankies... but he started handing them to me as he walked out of his bed. Now we're onto getting a treat (an M & M) in the morning if he stayed in his own bed. Unfortunately N, who has never had a problem staying in bed, thinks this treat rule is for him too. So he's stocking up on M & Ms, while e still isn't getting it. Urgh.

jj said...


LifeAtTheCircus.com said...

Very cute. I feel we are often back to the drawing board.. trying to figure out the consequence that holds the most weight at the moment for our kiddos. Never easy!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL! That is so hilarious. We have a hallway wanderer too...she still does it at age 4. Various things work for a little while, then we have to change it up again.

We used to leave the wooden spoon sitting in the hallway to remind her to turn around. That worked for a little while...till the night she just brought it down the hall with her for her punishment.

Man o man!

John and Amanda said...

Lynn, that is too funny!

Musicaljean said...

I confess I'm laughing out loud. What a girl, what a girl.