Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

When looking at a board book about colors with objects to name...
A: "Green caterpillar, birdie, apples, peas.......daddy's drink! (a glass bottle)"



Grandma: "Adeline, what did you have for supper?"

A: "lunch."

A: "Here, baby Camille, a book."
Me: "That's very sweet, honey, but she's still too little for books. She can't hold it yet. You can sit beside her and read to her though."
A: sits down beside Camille and opens her book
Me: "Tell her what is in the pictures, sweetheart."
A: holds the book in front of Camille so she can see it...
"A birdie, baby Camille. See the birdie?!?"
I was desperately trying to find the video camera. This was SUCH a sweet moment. I love my girls.

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Mari said...

Awww - She is so sweet with Camille. I'm appalled that you are feeding her lunch for supper though!

Just Mom said...


(Coca-cola, right?)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Big sisters moments make my heart melt. So sweet!

Happy TTT!

Deb said...

Those little remarks are SO CUTE!
And what a sweet, sweet moment of "big sistering" with Camille.