Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reasons to love Chick Fil A...

 Last week, we went to family night at CFA.  This used to be "kids eat free" night.  Alas, they did make some changes and kids no longer eat free, but they still bring in a super talented face painter.  She turned Camille into a princess (as though she needed any help).  Adeline was insistent..."I don't want you to paint on me."  After her daddy agreed to have his ENTIRE face painted like a frog, she relented and allowed her to paint flowers on her arm.

Kudos to Pat for once again being a super cool daddy.

Then, because we love us some CFA, we dressed like cows for the annual cow appreciation day.  Yes, ALL of us participated.  Nathaniel donned a white onesie (since I only have about 328 of them) turned cow costume with a black sharpie.  I think the fumes may have made him a bit high though.  lol.  Camille pretty much stole the show in her halloween costume turned perfect outfit for the occasion.  The rest of us just wore white and printed out the costumes from their website.  We waited until we got there to tape on the "Eat Mor Chikin" signs.  Those milkshakes (especially when they're free) just make me happy.  Three cheers for Chick Fil A!!!


Mari said...

Yes - he's a great Dad! I love the cow pictures too.

krista said...

Ha ha ha! L.O.V.E. T.H.I.S.
Three cheers for Patrick. What a great daddy! And I love your cow costumes--such a fun mom!

(Wish we had a CFA near here.)

Denise said...

mooo, moooooo, moooooo.

i love it. your husband is super cooler for playing along. mine might..if i pouted.

shhhh, don't tell anyone... i don't like chick-fil-a. i'd be dressed like a chicken at in-n-out eating my burger!

Miriam said...

SO, I am making your YUMMY almond wild rice tonight, which made me think of, so I went to your blog to check in on you guys : ) Y'all look FANTASTIC and recent posts made me SMILE! Hope we run in to you guys again some day now that we are all back in the US!!!!!! : )