Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 4th!!!

Well, since it's technically still July, I'm not THAT late with this post.  Patrick's family came to our house to celebrate the holiday.

Nathaniel with his great grandpa (aka Pepe) (Patrick's mom's father)

Uncle Damien has the touch...

We played several rounds of bocce.

Camille and Mikey had a blast together.

Seriously, how cute is that outfit?!?  (yes I know Mikey's cute too)

The girls decided to play dress up.

We ordered crabs.  This was the first time I've ever ordered crabs to serve at my house.  I'm from PA.  We don't do such things there.  The Maryland crew were all pros at picking out the meat.

Adeline, unsure if she is scared of the dead crab....oh, and yes, still playing dress up.

Desmyn holding Nathaniel (he peed on her the first time they met right after we got home from the hospital.  She forgave him...)

The kids had their own table.

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If you know my children AT ALL, you don't even have to ask if we saw any loud, bright, scary  fireworks after bedtime.  


krista said...

Laughing at your fireworks comment.

Your children are adorable, Lynn. I loved these candid shots, especially that last one of you and Camille.

(And I never got the crab thing either. But then again I don't enjoy that much seafood.)

Denise said...

fun family gathering! i have never eaten crab. it looks fun, but smells fishy. ick.

Tettelestai said...

oh yummy, crab!!! i have not been daring enough to do it either yet, but i love seafood. it's totally worth the work. hubby disagrees with me ;-)

bekah is looking over my shoulder and wishing she could play dress up also. looks like you had a great holiday!!!