Friday, April 22, 2011

My friends rock!

They've shown up on this blog before.  I really have the best friends in the world.  I love them each like sisters.  Jen, Heidi, and Jen came a few weeks after Nathaniel was born to visit.  They not only brought dinner for that night, they brought an extra casserole for whenever.  SWEET!  Thanks for making the trek from PA to spend the day with us.

Heidi's daughter, Gabriella, came along.  She read to my girls, played games with them, and even brought a bunch of "my little ponies" with a castle and accessories for them to enjoy.  What a treat!

Heidi MADE this fun pizza game for my girls.  She made a whole bunch of toppings, which you hand out to each player.  You roll a dice and put the number of toppings on the pizza to coordinate with your roll.  Not hard...but perfect for my little gals to learn how to take turns and count.  You can add in trickier things, like rolling two dice and adding the numbers together, but for now, we stick with the basic version, which even Camille can play!


Tettelestai said...

oh what fun, best friends rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Ewe! Look how gross my hands look on those pics! It looks like blue venom is going to squirt out all over the place. Love the post and the pics. It was a fun day. Wish we could do that every Saturday!


Kristen said...

what a fun day.

the meal for the freezer... awesome