Monday, July 19, 2010

More fun from our weekend at "home"

The weekend we were able to see my sister, we had a few other fun things planned.  On Friday, Patrick and I had lunch with some dear friends.  You can read more about them here....sorry if you were anticipating bigger news.  We aren't heading to India or Pakistan or anywhere else "exotic" at this time.

Later that evening, we had a cookout in my parents' beautiful backyard.  Unfortunately, the Angerts weren't able to join us.  I invited Lee and JJ and their kids.  A lot has changed in the 10 years since Nancy met them...including three kids and a move back to the US.

Nancy and I really bonded during our travels.  We still keep in touch, but not as often as we should.

I had to include this sweet picture of the other bubble girl Emma, since I didn't get any good pictures of her at the wedding.

Camille is forever charming her grandparents everyone.

This may be my favorite picture from the day... 

...but this one is a close second.  Adeline found this hat decorating my mom's garden and decided it would be fun to wear.  None of us saw her do it, and we all had a good laugh.  With her blueberry pie stained lips, she just looks like summer.


Mari said...

What a fun time! The pictures are great - I would have a hard time choosing a favorite. You have beautiful girls!

joana ahn said...

just wanted you to know i borrowed "the blessing" from church and both david and i are reading it. it's great!!!!

jj said...

That was such an enjoyable evening! I really like the pic of the bubble girls!!