Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving in Florida

I'm back!  Back home and back to the blogging world.  I'm hoping to catch up on all your blogs soon and hope to send many more updates your way this week.

We were in Florida for Thanksgiving.  We spent the morning with Patrick's dad's side of the family, enjoying brunch at aunt Nan's house.  After Adeline's nap time, we drove an hour to Cocoa Beach where we had Thanksgiving dinner with ALL the fixings with Patrick's mom's side of the family.  Really fun day with LOTS of family and good food.

Here's Addie with her cousin Maddie (Madison).  They look like they could be sisters.  Maddie is three months younger than Adeline, but she is already a bit taller.

Tori, Tina, Megan, Adeline

The bride to be (pictures to come) with Patrick's grandfather


Anonymous said...

Did you have anything to do with your daughter's genes? Maddie and Addie! How sweet! I get confused- is Maddie Patrick's twin brother's little girl?


Mari said...

Family time is so great! Adeline and Maddie really do look alike - amazing!

krista said...

Looks like alot of fun! Anxious to hear and see more. Glad you're home safely. (Did you have any snow to greet you when you got home?)

Kristen said...

Looks like a fun trip with lots of great family time. The cousins (Addie and Maddie) totally look like sisters. They look like they have a great time together. Can't wait to hear about the wedding. How was the weather in FL?

Christie said...

I like the tongue sticking out picture!

Short Stop said...

That Maddie and Addie - can't believe how much they look alike. It truly is amazing!

Thanksgiving in Florida - you poor thing! ;P

Dave and Jenni said...

I know I'm just saying what everyone else said, but the resemblence between Addie and Maddie is amazing!