Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Aubrey Irene!

I had the privilege of staying in the hospital with my might-as-well-be-my-sister friend, Jen and her precious new-as-of-that-day baby girl, Aubrey, Tuesday night (did you get all that?).  They are the ones with the egg farm, and her hubby, Scott, really needed a good night's sleep and to get a few things done on the home front.  Jen had a C-Section and was not allowed to get out of bed that night and therefore was not allowed to be alone with the baby in case something went wrong.  I was honored to don my jammies and have a good ol' girl's slumber (well, there was SOME slumbering) party.

Let me tell you, Aubrey is a DOLL!  Oh, I just love this little one already.  She's nursing like a champ (well except for that 4:30 feeding when she really just wanted to girl).  Her mommy reports that last night she had a 5 hour stretch of sleep.  

Congratulations Scott, Jen, and Brennan...we are SO excited for you!!!


Musicaljean said...

Oh my word, there's nothing as precious as a newborn baby. What a miracle they truly are.

Short Stop said...

What a precious, precious little girl.

And, what a great memory for you and Jen. You are a wonderful friend, and I can only imagine that Jen loved having you there as much as you loved being with her and her new baby.

joana ahn said...

awwwww, that's so sweeeetttt! you can come and stay with us when our little ava comes!

Jen said...

I agree, she's a cutie! I was in to see Jen yesterday and loved holding little Aubrey - newborns are so sweet.

Kristen said...

Congratulations! What a sweet baby girl!

My neighbor spent the night with me after Mauryn was born - it was a sleepless sleepover. Mauryn was under a one on one nurse supervision so I was up going to see her and pumping since I couldn't hold her. It was nice to have a friend there with me. What sweet memories to have with your friend. I am sure she is very grateful!