Thursday, September 11, 2008

6 Random facts about me...a meme

Kara tagged me for this fun meme.  Thanks girl!  All I gotta do is name six random things about me.  For more random things, click here.

1.  My mom and I are a lot alike, and I learned a lot about what it is like to live with me while living with her again.  
2.  I hate running, unless there is a sport or competition involved.
3.  As much as I love technology, I have never sent a text message to anyone...ever.
4.  I have a "heavy foot" when driving, but I am not an angry driver....just fast.
5.  I know what it means to "red off a table" and what it means when something is "all."  Some of you are laughing right now, and some of you are very confused.
6.  I am not very good at gardening.


Kara said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

Ok - I am laughing at your comment about living with your mom again. Funny.

Also - no texting? C'mon Lynn. That is the best invention yet!!!

Lastly - Yeah. No. 5 is definitely a stumper. huh???

Enjoyed your fun facts Lynn.

Short Stop said...

#1 is very interesting.

#5...have no idea on earth what that is.

#6. I'm the worst. EVER.

Momma Roar said...

Such precious time with the baby!! How sweet!

Love your 6 things! I know I haven't said "red off a table" but I know I've said "red up the room"!

I'm so glad I'm laughing and not stumped! LOL!!

John and Amanda said...

I'm one of the confused ones... :)

Monica said...

I share #2 Running is not my thing, makes my hips hurt.
#4I tend to have a lead foot too, I like to get where I'm going quickly.
#5 And I have said to "red" up rooms, and I am familiar with "all". "are you coming with?" is another one. When I said that to my roommate in nursing school, she would respond "with what?"

Mari said...

I need to know about #5! Interesting facts!

Anonymous said...

You need to do a Pennsylvania Dutch entry so these girls can get up to speed. Add in a recipe for red beet eggs and ham loaf. And you could share the wonder of brown butter.


keenbliss said...

Yeah, pretty much no idea what you're talking about!

krista said...

This is really funny! I'm shamelessly laughing at all of the confusion.

Amen Heidi--you DO need a passport to visit Lancaster County!

I'm with you Lynn on every single one of these--IMAGINE THAT! LOL

Kristen said...

I am raising my hand as one of the confused!

I have never sent a text message either - don't even have texting on my phone. With your new iphone (still really jealous), it should be a snap!

My thumbs are not green - I can't keep anything alive. I leave all of that to my husband.

This was fun!

Dave and Jenni said...

I'm right there with you on 1, 2, and 6. And I just learned how to text msg a few months ago (thank you, Sarah). Some day you'll have to explain #5! :)