Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving and my 25th Post!

Well, this post marks the momentous occasion of being my 25th post!!!!  In honor of the occasion falling on Thanksgiving, I decided to name 25 things I am thankful for...in no particular order.
  1. Four seasons ---Fall is my favorite, but I love that there is something special about each of them.
  2. My husband and my daughter---they are the best of God's earthly blessings.
  3. Ice cream--- I eat it almost every day of my life, and I just love it!
  4. This apartment, which accommodates us very well for this year.  I am also thankful that we have been blessed to be stationed close to family for most of Patrick's military career.
  5. Health---mental and physical (I have several friends and my sister, Lisa, who are struggling with mental/emotional health right now).
  6. Books
  7. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, without whom I could do nothing.
  8. Music
  9. My parents and my Christian heritage
  10. Friends
  11. Lisa---She has been so challenging but has taught me so much.
  12. The opportunities I've had to experience other cultures.
  13. Skype
  14. Wonderful church families in every place that we've lived
  15. Snail mail, unexpected emails
  16. Blog comments (hint, hint)
  17. Freedom
  18. Tea parties, pretty dresses, and anything else that makes me glad to be a girl.
  19. Creation---sunsets, the ocean, flowers
  20. Seasonal decorations 
  21. Adeline's laughter---the best sound in the world.
  22. Vacation
  23. Answered prayers
  24. Home cooked food
  25. Photographic moments, pictures, scrapbooks (and this blog) to remember the memories.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


jj said...

Lynn, We have ice cream in common. I eat it daily too, and it made it on my Thanksgiving list. Enjoyed reading your list. Love, JJ

Short Stop said...

I can see why you are thankful for each of these things!

I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving and a wonderful time away!