Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy mail day!

On Monday, we had a VERY happy mail day....a FOUR packages in the mail kinda day!!!  Now, packages are not as unusual as in the US because we do a lot of shopping with on-line stores and ebay, but this was a GREAT day!  One of the packages was from my aunt Fay.  It was completely unexpected and had everything from holiday decorations to scrapbooking supplies to books for us and Adeline.  What a treat!  Thanks aunt Fay for blessing us in this way!

While I am giving thanks for cool packages, I need to give a shout out to my cousin Lee and his kids, Esther, Alex, and Emma, for the AMAZING shoo-fly pie we received in the mail a few weeks ago!  For those who don't know, it is made mostly from molasses and brown sugar so it doesn't spoil in the journey across the world.  It is a Lancaster County specialty and tastes like home.  I failed to take a picture (and I call myself a blogger!?!?!?), but you can click here to see our gift givers in action.

At the risk of forgetting someone, I am not going to list everyone else who has blessed us with snail mail and/or packages....but we truly do thank you.

We are so blessed.

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Short Stop said...

I love this picture of you...it reminds me of when either of us would get packages in college...especially ones filled with whoopie pies! :)

BTW, I had to laugh at the pink paci that found its way into this picture! :)