Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two Updates

1.  Adeline is feeling MUCH better.  Thank you for all of your prayers and kind words of concern for her.  She had a few days of looking like a deer caught in headlights.  She slept a lot more but when not sleeping was more clingy and fussy.  She also had less of an appetite (which really shows she was not feeling well).  She seems more like herself every day, and the fever is gone.

2.  I wanted to give an update about the MAD HATTER'S tea party I went to this week.  Well, first, I TOTALLY missed the theme.  I was thinking it was a cute name to encourage the ladies to wear hats, so I arrived in my cute dress and tea hat.  WRONG!!!  It was a theme based on Alice in Wonderland.  People had on crazy hats.  One lady wrapped a bunch of packages and cut a hole in the bottom package to wear it on her head.  Another, made a hat with a bunch of computer stuff on it (disks, cables, thumb drive), and another had a bunch of fake tulips on top of her head.  So, I had a hat, but was disappointed that I missed the theme.  I had low expectation for the food portion of the tea (I thought it was just a buffet at the officer's club), but the food was amazing.  It was not like a fact there wasn't even tea.  It was catered by an Italian restaurant here, and it was very good.  When I first arrived, most people were standing in small groups talking.  It was hard to find people to talk with.  However, I did talk to some ladies during dinner and made some connections.  There is a group that scrapbooks on Mondays. :)  I also spent a while talking with Kristin, who happens to live off base pretty close to me.  She has two little boys.  She invited me to a Bible study on Tuesdays (one that I was already planning to attend), and then she called me yesterday and invited me to lunch.  God is so good in providing me friends so quickly.


Short Stop said...

It's awesome how God is giving you so many outlets to make new friends!

I'm so glad Adeline is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

hey cuz just wanted to stop by and say hi. was checking out your blog. how are things in your part of the world? miss you guys

Anonymous said... the way that last post was by me. sorry forgot to put my name.