Monday, August 8, 2011

Camping Weekend...

You may remember the super fun kickoffthesummer picnic we had at Jen and Scott's farm.  Since they are such fun folks, they invited us all back to camp out one Friday night.  We I have very little camping experience.  Yes, all 5 of us "slept" in the red tent.  We figured even if it was awful, it was one night, and we would recover.  Having indoor plumbing a short walk away was helpful.  I was woefully unprepared in the blankets was a COLD night.  In the wee hours, I was scavenging the house for blankets.  We did better after that.

 I left my kids with my friends and went to get a haircut.  John, Jonathan, and Patrick went golfing while Scott packed eggs.  The kids spent most of the day in their swim suits.  They played in the water, rode bikes, played with water balloons, chased each other, played lawn games, played in the sand, and ate...we all ate...a lot.

I was so proud of Adeline for trying this floaty.  Jen K was kind enough to swim with Adeline so I could take a nap tend to the other two.

Popsicles!!!  Brennan, Isaiah, Aubrey, Camille, and Adeline

Molly is such a sweetie, but she usually has to stay in the garage when we come to visit.  However, my usually scared of a dog the size of her ankles brave girl even petted her a few times.

Boche ball....among other lawn games...

It was a packed weekend, and we were all wiped!

Thanks again to Scott and Jen for opening up your home.  We love you!

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