Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Love Story---The Wedding

December 22, 2001

Our good friends, Adam and Kim Forry, were our gift receivers.  They stood outside with this antique sleigh.

My aunt, Reba, did my makeup.

Rachel, Krista, Brooke, me, Jen, Heidi, Jen, Melissa

We each lost a grandmother and another close friend within a few months of our wedding, so we had this tribute table for them.

One of my favorites.  I had these black velvet capes made for the girls and I wore a white fur cape and muff.  So pretty!

We rented "Charles Dickens" type costumes for our friends, and they sang carols as guests arrived at the wedding and reception.

My mom has BRILLIANT ideas.  She froze holly and greens in buckets (like an ice mold you would make for a punch bowl), and put a cup in the middle.  Then, she removed the cup and put a candle inside.  They lit the way into the wedding and reception.  They were BEAUTIFUL!  As the ice melts a bit it is even prettier.

I love dessert!  Instead of a cake, we had a dessert bar with this ice sculpture sleigh in the middle.  There were several types of pie, cake, pudding, cheesecake, cream puffs, candy, etc.  People LOVED this!

We opted to cut a cheesecake (my favorite) for our cake cutting.

Patrick's twin brother, Eric, giving a toast.

I loved every minute of that day.....and I love you more now than I did then.


Mari said...

What an absolutely beautiful wedding you had! I love the special Christmas touches, the cloaks, the antique sleigh, the ice sculpture. Just gorgeous!

magdalene said...

I'm proud to say that I was there! The whole wedding was beautiful!! Your mom's a genius with all the decorations!

Anonymous said...

Loved that day.So much fun and oh, you were so beautiful and adorable! ANd by the way bridesmaid girls- keep the cape! You might not use it often, but it is my daughter's favorite "olden days" dress up piece.


Anonymous said...

You had a great wedding photographer. Are you nesting and feeling romantic and nostalgic? It is so beautiful to relive those precious moments.... Happy Valentine's Day, from Michelle Brubaker

Musicaljean said...

I loved these pictures! Especially seeing so many people I know.

I didn't realize you were good friends with Melissa Sauder. She taught next door to me for a couple of years. And that very winter that you got married she was Destiny's babysitter. LOVED her!

Also, I got to know Adam and Kim Forry a few years ago because I had their adorable daughter as a student at school.

Such a small world!

Anonymous said...

What fun to look back and remember your special day! Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.

Short Stop said...

Such a beautiful day - so many touches with "you" all over them!

Wouldn't have missed it for *anything* but my honeymoon!

Love you!

Monica said...

oh these are great pics Lynn! I just love weddings =) Looks like you had a wonderful one. Love, love, love the idea of the dessert bar instead of the traditional cake.

Denise said...

so so so lovely.

a wnter wonderland wedding for sure.

the charles dicken's singers what a great idea!

and you BEAUTIFUL!