Monday, January 3, 2011

The BIG Christmas post...

Prepare yourself for LOTS of pictures!  I'm going to do a few other posts about activities or events from Christmas, but this is the big overview of Dec 24-25.  

The first big treat was having paw paw Rich (Patrick's dad) here from Oregon to visit for a week.

We invited over a few friebors (friends who also happen to be neighbors) to watch The First Noel.  Seriously, the cutest Christmas movie EVER!

Mrs Salada frequently ends up reading to my girls....and others who come flocking.

We made a birthday cake for Jesus.  My facebook friends assured me that it was not sacrilege to use a Devil's food cake mix for this project.  Adeline did the decorating.

We opened our family gifts on Christmas Eve morning because we saw both families on Christmas Day, and we thought it would be present overload for our young ones.  We were right...

Books and princess dresses (which a coworker gave me for FREE!) were favorites for Adeline.

Patrick made a video/picture montage for me from the past year.  It was FABULOUS! I'll post it soon.

I made a scrapbook for him of all the races he's done (starting in 2007).

Our Christmas Eve service was wonderful yet again.  I love our church.  Really, really love it.  I played my flute, and Patrick sang in the choir.  He also sang in this men's quartet and did a Scripture reading.

Grandma and paw paw brought Aunt Lisa on Christmas morning.
This highchair matches their table/chairs/bench set that my parents gave them last year.

The staff workers at Lisa's house went above and beyond to make sure we had a nice Christmas together.  The gifts they gave to each of us were so thoughtful.  The highlight was tickets for Lisa, mom, and me to see The Sound of Music in the Fulton theatre the week after Christmas.  I didn't take pictures the day of the show, so let me just say....IT WAS FABULOUS!!!!  One of the best shows I've ever seen.  It was fun to have a ladies' day out.

I also made a scrapbook for my dad of all the races he's done...

Melts my heart every time...

Books and puzzles....that's pretty much how we Rohal roll around here.  hee hee.

Then, late afternoon on Christmas, we went to Uncle Damien and Aunt Brooke's house.  Patrick's uncle was in the hospital (and very sick), so his mother flew to Florida.  We missed having her with us.

Uncle Bobby, Aunt Jenny, and Mikey

A little jib jab to entertain everyone...

Uncle Damien soaking up the love.

Time to get in pj's for the drive home
On Sunday, we headed to Pa after church.....more to come!


Mari said...

I can tell that you had lots of fun and family time, soaked in love!

Tettelestai said...

great pics! you have a great room for packing in kids and family. i had not heard of that movie, will have to check it out. we also loved the quartet, it was amazing! your flute playing is a treat also, seriously! said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like lots of special times with family! :-)

krista said...

Loved seeing these! And that pic of Lisa melted my heart too. Precious.

All of us grown kids sent Dad and Mom to the Sound of Music for Christmas--they went to the matinee on the 31st. I've only heard raving reviews. How special to do that with your mom and sister!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lynn,
Praying for Camille's eye surgery as I type. Looking forward to your update. Hoping you feel peace, the doctors feel skill, and Camille feels safe and sound.
Best, Michelle Brubaker

Alana said...

Did I mention that I love that girl's curly hair? ;-) 'Cause I do. Looks like a great time was had by all!

Denise said...

i love presents and presence together.

thoughtful gifts like the high chair and the scrapbook for your dad.

but the devil's food cake...hmmm. i may not agree with your sister on that one. :-)

Kristen said...

great pictures. it looks like a fun christmas. you captured so many sweet moments.

i agree with alana... i LOVE adelines hair. it is just beautiful. she is looking far too grown up! wasn't she just a baby when we "met"??