Monday, November 29, 2010

ADVICE NEEDED, Thanksgiving, and other randomness

1.  Thanksgiving was at my house this year.  This was the first time my sister was at  my house.  It was nice to all be together to celebrate.  The food was delicious.  I brined the turkey for two days and then grilled it (yes, I said GRILLED) with a drip pan under it while frequently basing it with a delightful basting sauce.  It was a combination of two recipes and techniques.  Moist and tasty...

Lisa likes to sit and watch us be busy, so we spent a good portion of the day decorating for Christmas.  Patrick does all things tree.  I'm really glad he enjoys it.  The girls had fun "helping" too.  

2.  ADVICE PLEASE...The above picture will probably be my parents' Christmas card picture this year.  I think it came out pretty well considering we had the camera on a tripod and no one making goofy faces to get the kids' attention.  We also got a good one of Patrick, the girls, and me.....greatly assisted by peek-a-boo playing grandparents.  I am considering turning it into a Christmas header....or should I save it to send in Christmas cards?  Speaking of which, should I send Christmas cards?  Last year I did an email with a slide show....just as good or lame?  Do you LOVE getting "real" cards in the mail or is it just as exciting to get a Christmas email (which sometimes contains more info and better pictures)?  I DO love getting mail, but I must admit, when I get a card that is just signed, "Love, John and Jane Doe" I think..."How nice that they remembered us....did they really just spend money on postage and a card to mail us that?"  Then there is the other extreme....the person who sends a three page single spaced letter detailing every hiccup their precious cherub had that year.  Kinda like the people who update facebook with "going to bed now."  ....but that's a whole other soap box.  What do you think?!?

3.  A Sunday Finest post....just to make Aunt Heidi smile.

As if this isn't cute enough....

They MATCH!!!!

Fun fact....I bought the skirt Camille is wearing for Adeline two years ago on ebay.  My friend, Nancy, had two of the SAME skirts which she gave me in case baby #3 was a girl so all THREE of them could match.  So fun!...but not meant to be.  I guess we'll just have to put baby boy in a red sweater vest or something....


Mari said...

I love the Sunday finest look!
As for cards - I love getting cards in the mail, even if they are just signed. Personally I don't care for e-mail cards. I'll be interested in what your other readers have to say!

krista said...'re having a boy?! Oh, I am so behind. So very excited for you. I know you love your girlies (who could help it?) but I must admit that there is something really precious about a little boy.

As to the other matters at hand, I could join you on your soap box. Tee hee.

I personally enjoy getting an email with pics and some news more than just a print in the mail with signed names or an overabundant letter. Some say it's impersonal, but it's more economic, can communicate the same warmth, and there is not the dilemma "I feel bad throwing this away, but I don't know what else to do with it".

Simply Sara said...

i could join you on your soap box too. ahh facebook :)

now. the card issue. i completely love getting christmas cards in the mail. just something so exciting about getting those colorful envelopes amidst the bills and junk mail :)
but, but, BUT i like to include a personal message in each card i write, makes them a bit more special. takes time but i like doing it.

having said that, i also enjoy getting christmas emails.

either way, it's special to recieve something from friends and family (whether it's a real card in the mail or an email)
i say do what works best for you and your family. both are great!

p.s crazy cute outfits for crazy cute girls!

Christopher Apperson said...

Michael was looking at the picture of the girls in matching outfits, and he pointed out, "Their shirts aren't the same." How observant! I didn't even notice that. The outfits are very, very cute, not to mention the girls! -Rosie

joana ahn said...

i would like a picture of you guys to stick on my fridge. so yes, a picture card is nice. email cards are nice too, but i can't put them on my fridge. i don't need a picture every year, but once in a while it's a good idea. why don't you just include a brief newsletter or a handwritten note if you think it's too impersonal? i love some of the newsletters we get. some are funny, some are not, but it's always nice to get some news from friends you've not heard from in a while. then again, with this blog, i guess we do hear from you... oh the choices. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I find email wishes to be less personal than knowing someone took the time to find my address, write it on the envelope and mail it. I look forward to the cards I get each year.

I debated on sending mine out this year. How many years in a row can people enjoy a picture of me and Dave? LOL Oh well, maybe next year I can send a wedding photo from Jenna's wedding instead.

Please, no skirt on the baby boy ;-)

jj said...

Cards should have a personal message. Seems like a waste to stick a card in the mail and not even write a personal greeting! I like real picture cards better than email because we make a little flip book to keep. So far, we have four books (started in 2006). The kids love looking through old Christmas pictures. (I know! This from a I-hate-scrapbooking person!)

Jen said...

My vote is for a picture Christmas card in the mail. I don't mind e-mail ones, but I like to post all the pictures on our french doors, since the boys love to look at the pictures. You can't do that with e-mail! :)

Denise said...

it's a boy! congratulations. boys really do love/adore their mommies.

i'm having mixed emotions about the christmas letter this year too. i love getting them in the mail...but it getting too EXPENSIVE!
email/slide show sounds creative. i like it!

some friends of mine started a christmas letter blog. they loaded all their letters from the past 2o years on it including the new one and sent it out!