Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Patrick is reading The Jesus Storybook Bible with Adeline. There is a picture of Pharaoh riding in a chariot holding a spear.
A: "A horse and buggy!!!"


Daddy: "I am going to count to ten and then it is time to get out of the bathtub."
A: "No counting to ten, daddy. Count to 59."


Adeline was fussing...

Me: "I know. It's hard being a baby sometimes."
A (through her tears): "A baby GIRL!!!"


A: "I want to go to Camille's house."
Me: "Okay. How about if we go to Adeline's house?"
A: "No!!!! I want to go to Camille's house! I don't want to go to Adeline's house."


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Short Stop said...

Hooray for The Jesus Storybook Bible!! Laughing at the horse and buggy - that baby "GIRL" knows where her Momma's from! LOL!!

Mari said...

So funny! I love the count to 59 one!

Musicaljean said...

I just caught up on your last several posts. All the pictures are so good!!

How about that - seeing Leigh Ann's kids when you're on vacation! Did you know ahead of time that you'd both be going to the same place? Or did you just steal that picture from her blog so see if we'd notice???

Guess I'll go over to her blog next to see if she's really on vacation right now, ha, ha!

keenbliss said...

Love the counting to 59. It's funny because 59 seems to be the highest amount of anything in our house. N refuses to count past 59 right now, because he says "that's all the numbers," even though he knows numbers over 100. I think he just gets tired of counting at that point!

Monica said...

she is a hoot!

Michelle Brubaker said...

How great to have a girls' vacation. Are you in OC MD?
We raved over The Jesus Storybook Bible on our website, too - that's a great one for kids and grown-ups alike.
What are you reading these days?
Happy Wednesday, Michelle

Christie said...

I love the "count to 59". She's one smart girl!

Jenni S. said...

You can totally see her spunk in some of these. So cute!

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Oh she is such a cutie pie!

I have been catching up - Camille is so adorable - love all those face shots of her.

HEY - was the Strasburg railroad ridiculously crowded when Thomas was there. We debated doing it with David but a friend told us that it was so amazingly crazy...what did you think?