Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Post #3

We opened gifts with my parents the day after Christmas.  Here's Adeline helping Grandma with her stocking...

Paw paw was so excited to give Adeline this tractor to ride, complete with animals.  She loved the animals, but was leery about sitting on the tractor.

Our everyday silverware must fall in the same hole as baby girl socks and our pens because we can never seem to have enough.  Patrick and I were both excited to open this gift with several forks and spoons....great idea mom!

My mom saw this at a craft show and couldn't resist getting it for Patrick.  The handle says, "Hillbilly Briefcase."  The leg holes are sewn shut.  We all had a good laugh over this one!

Adeline had fun "reading" all of Grandpa and Grandma's Christmas cards.


Mari said...

I've had fun going through all your Christmas pictures with you! Looks like everyone had a good time and I can see there is a good sense of humor in your family - love the briefcase! The picture on the staircase is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Nice underpants Patrick!


Dave and Jenni said...

LOL at the "briefcase!" That's awesome!